Wednesday, January 30, 2019


We against the world
All too often we're our own worst enemies.
For reasons unexplainable we set ourselves
up for failure. Or dive into quite challenging
circumstances. It's not that we're fools. Nor
do we enjoy cutting ourselves down inch by
inch. More frequently than we care to admit
self mutilation is the root of our inability to
accomplish anything of consequence. Hence
we find that we've dug a rut that is seemingly
insurmountable. Deep within the fog of our
malaise we wonder if there is light at the end
of the tunnel. Only to realize that we flipped
our own switch off. We relinquished power.
Dumb and dumber
We all have MOJO. A sense of self. An internal
drive that takes us to places we'd otherwise not
get to. Yet our internal combustion engines get
gummed up with contaminants. Gross errors in
judgement seemingly far beyond our control.
Then all of a sudden one is deemed as obsolete,
unnecessary or worst of all forgotten. It's often
at that point that we realize we've nobody to
blame for said mess but themselves. Wherever
we've ended up was due to a series of missteps,
detours, and mechanical failures. Leaving us
stranded or resolved to get to a better place no
matter what. And miraculously we... survive.
Veil of tears
Call it depression, oppression, or regression -
there isn't any pill to cure whatever ails you.
All that's required is the ability to see things
clearly. Honestly is always be the best policy.
However when it comes to self realization
clarity isn't as easy as one  thinks. Instead of
blaming ourselves it's much easier to blame
anybody but me, myself, and I. Yet such a
lack of culpability only fuels inertia. It stops
us dead in our tracks. Limited visibility limits
our ability to learn from our mistakes. Which
is why so much of us are repeat offenders. So
rather than move on we take the easy way out.
Repeat offenders
No wonder most of life's failures are somewhat
Pavlovian in nature. Like Elizabeth Taylor we
keep trying to find the perfect partner. So we
try and try again without coming to grips with
the root of our evil. Ultimately karma is a laser
beam focused on our inadequacies. Hence those
who haunt us are in essence ghosts of our own
making. How do some people learn from their
mistakes? By being brave enough to face reality.
Fantasy may be entertaining but it doesn't put
food on life's table. At some point we all must
grow up and embrace our individual truths. A
bitch slap of reality is the best wake up call.
End game
Ultimately there is a method to life's madness.
For most with age comes wisdom. And with it
the ability to see things for what they truly are.
Living in a state of perpetual candor just may
be the closest thing to heaven on earth. Rather
than fight impossible odds, the best of us focus
our energy on what we do best. Appreciating
the here and now fuels success. Thus even if
our physical bodies occasionally fail us, the
older we get... the better life gets. All too soon
this too shall pass. So be  assured that ultimately
we all discover that whatever went wrong was
worth our time and effort. No pain... no gain!