Monday, February 5, 2018


Winter wonderland
Saturday night we celebrated Mardis Gras
at a fundraiser for our Episcopal parish. In
between the Jambalaya, red beans and rice,
a red hot band, soon everyone was hopping!
Which was good as we all needed to warm
up. You see outside it was seven below. The
wind was howling. The snow was blowing.
Mostly because we were in the midst of a
blizzard. However nothing stops we central
Montanans from celebrating! So even if the
elements may challenge FedEx or the U. S.
Mail  - Lewistown and Fergus County locals
know how to "chill" no matter the weather.
Cold war
We humans seem to acclimate to almost any
challenge that Mother Nature throws at us.
Hence very quickly Frank and I have regained
our Montana mojo. Last week warm Chinook
winds melted the snow which left Lewistown
awash in slushy debris. Which just as quickly
froze once winter returned with a vengeance.
For the last three days it has snowed. The first
onslaught dropping four inches. Next hit was
about eight... and as of this morning it looks
like at least eight more. All of which requires
that one shovel constantly in order to keep up.
Who needs to go to the gym? Can you dig it?
Empty promises
Some consider winter the worst of seasons.
However I adore a total white out. One of
the most glorious things about winter is the
silence that snow brings. Every morning we
awaken to pure solitude. Locals are smart
enough to wait until it's light to brave the
elements. Leaving the path outside of our
bedroom less traveled. A few hours later,
all one hears is the buzz of snow blowers.
Plus the grunts and groans of this former
urbanite as he sweats to the coldies! Let's
hope this is worth it and that before spring
arrives I'll shed a few pounds. Work it girl!
Open minded
I'm perfectly happy being frigid. Who wants to
be a snowbird who must troll the mall in order
to escape the heat? Theres something about the
crisp, brisk, pure Montana air that makes one
feel alive again! What could be more soothing
than sitting before a roaring fire with a hot toddy
in hand? My only challenge is personal climate
control. A man of extremes, "two temp" is my
nickname given that I run either hot or cold.
Hence I honestly have no idea what to wear
most of the time. If I layer up I am drenched
within minutes. Yet some folks find it odd if
their neighbor shovels their snow in the raw.
Au natural
Like most things in life it's best to enjoy the
moment. Obviously summer won't be here
anytime soon. Nor spring. Rather than resent
one's present circumstances it's better to be
grateful for what we have. After all, it could
be better or... worse. Whatever the weather
there is no guarantee to happiness. Therefore
we're each responsible for finding our sweet
spot no matter what comes our way. Hence
I'm committed to enjoying the here and now
weather or not.  In part because we've really
got no choice but to embrace the elements.
And what could be more natural than that?!