Thursday, February 15, 2018

Dream a little dream with us...

Home sweet home
In life we all have hopes and dreams.
Some come and go. Others remain a
constant in our lives. I spent years in
the advertising arena. Mostly retail
marketing. While I loved my time in
said trenches, it's the people I worked
with whom remain treasured friends.
Yet during those years I was never a
a merchant. Therefore I didn't know
what it truly took to run a shop. Well,
not until earlier this week when we
finally opened our new shop named
C+V HOME in Lewistown, Montana.
Home-aholics anonymous
Since a tot, home decorating has been
my passion. Fortunately Frank shares
said compulsion. The first time I saw
his apartment I said "I can live here."
Frank also loves to shop which for a
home-aholic like me was the ultimate
compatibility test. Before settling in
Lewistown we called many places
"home." Once here something was
missing. Which was access to all of
the lovely things this world has to
offer. Things unavailable in Montana.
So we're bringing it all to Lewistown.
Love fest
C + V HOME is the culmination of
two lifetimes of travel, exploration,
and edification. A mix of antiques,
vintage, and new that may not be for
everybody. Looking for antlers, twigs,
or taxidermy? Shop elsewhere. We're
offering beautiful things for the home.
Found mostly on the east coast where
such things are readily available. For
months we've been scouring "secret"
resources normally only available to
posh interior designers. Buying things
we love. And hope that you will too!
All mixed up
Our goal is to add new yet old to the
Montana mix. Some may think we're
"nuts" but others will hopefully "get
it." Life is yin and yang. Hence little
is lovelier than an eighteenth century
antique in a rustic setting. So please.
come see for yourself. And then help
spread the word. Ultimately we will
succeed by appealing to folks across
our state. And hopefully inject some
new cash into Lewistown. All as we
try to make the world a prettier place.
That's the stuff dreams are made of!
415 W Janeaux Street
Lewistown, Montana 59457

Mon.-Fri: 9 to 6, Sat.  10-4
Sundays by appointment

Instagram, Facebook, blog,
and webpage coming soon!