Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Vicious cycle
Given all of the hoopla going on in Washington,
it's obvious our country is askew. Politicians,
lobbyists, and organizations are scrambling
to adapt to our ever evolving culture. While
those resistant to change are digging in for
the long haul. All of which creates a national
climate of discontent, disenfranchisement, and
discord. Yet if one steps back and looks at the
mess from afar they might see that nothing is
unusual. But instead discover that we're once
again in the midst of an adjustment process
that ultimately may take us to a better place.
That is if we can survive being "recycled".

On the brink
History shows us that our lives and related
national phenomena are cyclical. Hence we
all experience collective and personal highs
and lows as we transition from one phase of
existence to another. Some handle endless
evolution with dignity and aplomb. Others
resist forces beyond their control . Fighting
to maintain the status quo. Or even worse to
maintain some prior nirvana that at this point
is historical fantasy at best. However in the
midst of what some might deem hell on earth -
it's tough to rise above one's circumstances.
Hence we're stuck in a morass of mendacity.

Three times a charm
Yesterday I spoke to three dear friends in the
midst of crisis. One a corporate honcho who
is preparing to exit the business as gracefully
as possible. Another recently packaged out
post serving in leadership roles for decades.
The third and final is the owner of a firm
perched on the edge of extinction. All three
have three things in common. First they can't
wait for their painful transition to end so that
they can explore their new found freedom.
Second, they question "next" given they no
longer trust corporate entities. Finally, all
wonder why their "gut" instincts were wrong.
Sink or swim
Having the carpet ripped out from under you
is rarely uplifting. Rather, an adverse change
of circumstances is akin to falling face down
on the pavement. Not only is it mortifying,
slamming into an obstacle is beyond painful.
Yet, what choice do most of us have except
to as Fred Astaire warbled - "pick yourself
up, dust yourself off, start all over again"?
Obviously life is a vicious cycle. One that
unexpectedly ebbs and flows. Often at the
most inconvenient of times. And yet what
option do we have except to bob and weave
as we attempt to keep our heads above water?

Tunnel vision
Crisis management is what life is all about.
Leveraging one's survival instincts is all
consuming. Eons ago some sage said that
all we could do was face reality one day at
a time. While said approach can be deemed
myopic, in reality it's the most practical way
to confront one's demons. During such an
onslaught it's hard to see light at the end of
the tunnel. However experience shows that
the best is yet to come. It may not manifest
itself in a mode one can comfortably embrace.
Yet every new challenge can yield rewards
hitherto unknown. You just have to go there.

Promises, promises
The good news is that at least for now, all of
the above doesn't apply to me. Well... not at
the moment that is. At this point in my life
I'm confident that come what may - I'll be
all the better for it. Experience shows that
bad yields good. Thus for those who are in
a dark place, please know that redemption
is on the horizon. How, when, what, or where
salvation appears can't be foretold. We must
wait for the answers to come in their own
time. And also be patient enough to consider
all alternatives beyond historical precedence.
Who knows what tomorrow brings? I wonder...