Friday, July 14, 2017


Hello sunshine!
Rather than dwell on the negative
I really should try to have a sunnier
outlook. Even post years of fashion
filling stores with color - most New
Yorkers don black, navy, or if they
must lighten up tan or taupe on a
daily basis. Opting for the sunnier
side of the street can brighten one's
soul even on the ugliest of summer
days. If for no other reason except
that yellow is a happy color. And
who doesn't need a little sunshine
in life. It's time we all brighten up!
Mellow yellow
Yesterday a friend got a style update
via a trusted interior decor source. It
seems that yellow is "trending" thus
many are bringing the sunshine in.
All of which reminds me of Nancy
Lancaster the venerable dominatrix
of Colefax Fowler. Originally from
the south, she painted her London
drawing room (on right) "buttah"
yellow. It's warming glow made all
within appear even more charming.
Long ago I painted a breakfast room
in the same tone. It was so yummy!
Jiffy pops
There are few people who can actually
wear yellow. However my dear friend
"B" is one of the few. I'm not sure if
it's due to her skin's hue or her sunny
outlook. You see, just being with her
always makes me happy. Some people
have the ability to make things better
just by simply smiling at you. "B's"
candor, charm, and laughter seems to
always turn life's lemons into lemonade.
Some of us are born a burst of built-in
brightness deep within. Those few can
brighten a room simply by walking in!
Yellow journalism
Have you ever wished you could keep a
bit of sunshine into a bottle for a dreary
day? I'm fairly certain that many of our
leaders in Washington are eager for any
ray of hope amidst the darkness. Living
a lie rarely makes anyone happy. Thus
it's best to embrace reality rather than
attempt to propagate alternative facts.
Fake is fake. Meaning that even if one
dons a faux man tan it can never create
anything but a false impression. Isn't it
better that the truth be told? Instead of
hiding on the dark side, see the light!
What came first?
I'm honestly not sure if it's the hue
or a bad case of jaundice. But all
I know is that a bit of sunny yellow
always puts things in a better light.
Natural optimism lies deep within
each of us. Yet occasionally we all
need to pull up the shades in order
to let the light in. So why not shine
on without even a peep of protest?!
We all want to be happy, to bask in
the glow of good times, break out
of our shell and finally live life to
it's fullest! Shine on - shine on!