Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Outer limits
Some of us simply can't let go. For whatever
reason we are consumed with our daily grind.
Hence when it suddenly comes to a halt we've
no idea how to handle self-imposed inertia.
However one chooses to get away some find
it virtually impossible to escape. Thus to them
the concept of vacation is foreign - even when
their final destination is in their own backyard.
Meaning that in essence, a respite away from
the rat race is challenging for many of us. Yet
nothing is more important than indulging in an
occasional hiatus. Thus once in awhile we all
have to simply give it up and get out of town.
Flip flops
Surrendering to self-indulgence is the ultimate
path to empowerment. Even the strongest of
us occasionally have to recharge. That may be
the only way to succeed in our ever changing
world where one must be at another's beck and
call 24/7. Otherwise the increased chances of
overheating sans any time to chill. Yet if you're
like me it's rather hard to exit the premise that
work is everything. For years I spent the days
and hours leading up to a vacation wondering
whether I could ever escape. Rather than go
off the deep end - I finally embraced reality
and decided to give in and HIT THE ROAD!
Exit strategy
In the old days one could truly escape. A few
hours drive would take you far away from it
all. There one could bask in sun and silence
given nobody could contact you even if they
wanted to. Sadly nowadays there are all too
few places left sans cell service. Today our
personal and professional lives conjoin via
social media. Add our collective reliance on
the internet. Thus the only way to escape is
to all cease communication by shutting off
your phone. Last weekend that's just what
my eldest daughter "E" did in order to truly
get away from it all. It's the ultimate luxury.
Time travelers
If nothing else one has to shift gears during
vacation. Often many of us don't get into the
groove until the very end - just before we're
forced to return to reality. That's why I have
always tried to take two weeks off at a time.
By then end of the first seven days I'm finally
ready and able to shirk all responsibility. To
reconnect with the man I want to be. Rather
than be a victim of circumstances I finally
feel in control. Meaning that at least for a
few days it's all about me. What's funny is
that during said hours of power I tend to do
absolutely nothing of consequence. NADA!
Free and easy
Success isn't measured by one's achievements
alone. Rather it's all about feeling empowered.
Doing nothing may seem an exercise in futility
but within a limited time span, it's the ultimate
indulgence. Come to think about it - day in -
day out most of us work for somebody else.
While we're all compensated for our efforts,
it's never enough. Doing another's bidding
leaves little time for what's really important.
Hence the reason nothing is more important
than occasionally investing in ourselves. So
what are you doing for your summer vacation?
Wherever you go, do absolutely NOTHING.