Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The light at the end of the tunnel

Ignorance is bliss
I try to accentuate the positive - eliminate the
negative. However that's easier said than done.
External phenomena beyond my control often
hinders my path to happiness. Yet I find that
if one is truly open to inspiration, capricious
discoveries await. Historically I was NEVER
politically oriented. I didn't watch the news
and only read the Style and Arts sections of
the Times. Now I find that I'm consumed with
politics. So much so that it's totally poisoned
my perspective. As dear "T" just reminded me,
Donald Trump ended up in my blog about the
color yellow. Hence my need to REFOCUS.
Rise above it
Thus for the past few days I've been trying to
change my outlook. Remarkably I've found
much to inspire within just a few blocks of
my apartment. During my last "vacation" in
Montana Frank planted two specimens of a
new variety of white wisteria in his "secret"
garden. A risky proposition given our winters.
Which seems odd given here it grows like a
weed or Kudzu. Meaning a healthy vine can
literally drag down a porch as it extends it's
reach. As proven by this ancient wisteria vine
that obscures a townhouse along East Sixty
Fourth. Given it's verve I now have HOPE!
Tread lightly
Sometimes one must look down rather than
above for inspiration. A few weeks ago "T"
and I came across this pebble mosaic terrace
at a former Chinese educational institution.
Last Sunday I walked past the Frick on my
way to brunch at the Mark. It's raised garden
faces Fifth Avenue and is closed to the public.
However one can enjoy it's splendor from the
sidewalk below. I've always been intrigued
by it's Italian inspired walkways carefully
constructed out of pebbles. For many reasons
we could never have one in Montana. Yet all
I want is what I can't have. So I'll DREAM...
Open a new window
It's so easy to walk through familiar territory
with blinders on. Hence I went by Bergdorf
Goodman several times before noticing the
amazingly FABULOUS windows by artist
and designer Benjamin Shine. Diaphanous
faces created out of tulle counter couture in
a way that literally stops many in their tracks.
Yet at night they take on a life all their own -
in part because one's view isn't blocked by
masses of tourists in shorts, tees, and other
crimes against humanity. To me such night
visions affirm that elegance still exists in
our rather compromised world. Just LOOK!
Pales by comparison
I must admit that I adore summer in the city. With
most locals at their country or Hamptons homes
life is so much easier in the Big Apple. I'll admit
that it's still hot and sticky. However if one strays
beyond the typical tourist traps the crowds thin
out significantly. Inevitably once Monday arrives
the swallows come back to Capistrano. Usually
tan post their time in the sun. I'll admit that as
I've aged I now consider such extremes out of
context. I like a healthy glow but too much of
a good thing seems "off" in a business context.
It's akin to wearing a scanty Speedo in the board
room. Could it be I've finally seen the LIGHT?