Monday, July 10, 2017

So, are you happy with yourself?!

To each their own
In life most of us search for just one thing -
HAPPINESS. Said pursuit has nothing to do
with reality. Nor is it clearly defined by one
collectively common goal. For good and bad
reasons each of our individual nirvanas are
as diverse as we are. Hence what makes you
smile just might irritate the hell out of me.
In addition - as we age our definition of the
sublime evolves. Meaning that in truth the
majority of us are rarely "happy." Thus many
spend the bulk of our existence searching for
the emotional equivalent of the holy grail. It
may be out there but nobody has found it yet.
Once in awhile
We humans are complex beings. Genetically
our natural orientation is to adapt to ANY
situation. Much of our lives are spent reacting
to external forces. Embracing and/or rejecting
factors that have little to nothing to do with us.
Yet we've no choice but to make the best of
the situation and learn to love what we're stuck
with. Often when confronted by challenging
times that's when illumination finally dawns
upon our limited spheres of influence. All of
a sudden fate capriciously flips our "happy"
switch and we're in a good place. One which
while it may be fleeting must be enjoyed.
Surprise party
My greatest moments of joy were driven by
random happenstance. Like looking out of a
window as my children played. Or the view
of Frank strolling ahead of me. At times it's
been a burst of spring blossoms or autumn's
bright hues. Or that perfect dinner party when
everything went right. In truth there isn't any
formula for success. Which means that we
all must be open to whatever comes our way.
And willing to stop and savor any moment
of sheer, unadulterated bliss. However few
can see said forest for the trees. Mostly due
to the messes that we ALL put ourselves in.
Heaven or hell?
I don't know about you but I personally don't
relish playing the role of a martyr. Trudging
through life may have been heaven for Mother
Theresa. Yet for me such self-sacrifice might
be hell. I can't help but question my jaded
perspective. In truth I'm certain that the lady
herself derived no greater pleasure than when
denying her own needs. Overt deprivation was
her ticket to heaven - both above and here on
earth. Once again reinforcing my theory that
nirvana is an uncommon denominator.  What
is most important is that each of us willingly
participate in our individual trips to bountiful.
Misery loves company
The reason that I'm rambling on about happiness
is because I couldn't be more miserable. Now that
I'm back in Manhattan post a wonderful week in
Montana I'm in a bad place. From the second that
I boarded the plane I desperately missed Frank.
And even while my New York apartment is quite
lovely, it's NOT home. All of which is why I feel
the need to pull out my pom poms and attempt to
cheer myself up. The truth is that it's not as bad
as all that. Even solo I can easily find my sweet
spot. Only if I'm willing to embrace the here and
now. Appreciating life for it for what it is. It's all
an equal opportunity to experience HAPPINESS!
It's a wonderful life
You see, if anything is dragging you down it's
yourself. Rather than optimistically embrace
the moment most of us fight life's natural ebb
and flow. Such resistance clouds our ability
to see things for what they truly are. Bliss
awaits around every corner. We simply have
to be willing to seek it out. So while I'm more
than bereft back in the Big Apple I'm doing
my best to see the best in the here and now.
This morning the sun shone along my walk
to work. Humidity was low therefore I didn't
arrive drenched. And oddly, I found plenty of
things to smile about.  HAPPY MONDAY!