Tuesday, July 11, 2017


So what's the big deal?
Honestly, there is a reason for everything.
Not only does history repeat itself but the
majority forget about all that has passed.
Thus we're quite willing to suffer through
an encore performance of a horror show
whose outcome is doubtful at best. That's
my only excuse for why we human beings
choose to allow a minority of one to usurp
our freedom, safety, authority, and security.
Time and time again our world has been
overtaken by soloists who embody all that
is wrong with mankind. And wreak havoc
upon those who put them into power.
Guilty as charged
Do we need to be reminded of their names?
Adolf Hitler. Ossama bin Laden, Caligula.
Benito Mussolini. Napoleon. Juan Peron.
Jim Jones. The list goes on and on. Each of
said gentlemen had one thing in common -
a distorted sense of self-satisfaction which
so altered their ego that in their minds they
could do no wrong. Nor could they ever be
wrong. Ultimately they did whatever it took
to gain total power. Soon thereafter those
who lauded and supported them became
but "victims." Thus in the end ALL were
guilty of crimes AGAINST HUMANITY!
Mad men
Sound familiar? This past week we watched
the latest and greatest freak of nature parade
upon the world stage. Our President's mode
of misbehavior confirmed that he is in fact a
MEGA megalomaniac. Proving that he's the
perfect casebook example per the dictionary.

1. A person obsessed with their own power.
2. One with a delusional mental illness that
    is marked by feelings of overt personal
    omnipotence and grandeur.
Child's play
We are NOT alone. North Korea is under
the thumb of a megalomaniac of historic
distortions. It's citizens didn't pick their
poison. Kim Jong-Un inherited his role as
chief crazy therefore his mania knows no
bounds. He thrives on aggressively toying
with the world's safety and sanity. Given
misery loves company he often taunts his
fellow wayward leaders to join his games.
Hence our fate hangs in the balance of at
least four bogus bullies. All with very
different agendas. The question is who
will be the first to start a global battle?!
Boys will be boys
Let's be clear. Nuclear arms are NOT boy toys.
Yet President Trump and his playmates seem
to be happiest when playing with our future.
He acts as if our country is his personal bully
pulpit. Or that no one should dare to hold him
accountable for his actions. He freely slurs all
who don't agree with his grandiose delusions.
All while he boldly denies the facts that others
expose. Why are we surprised? Mr. Trump is
not the only leader who misbehaves. All of
his buddies are equally untrustworthy given
they're NOT men of their words. Thus when
one lies with liars they get alternative facts.
Smoke and mirrors
It's time for TRUTH. America and the world
at large is in big trouble. Sensational, sordid,
and shocking headlines won't save us. Time
is NOT on our side. It also doesn't help that
our fate is in the hands of megalomaniacs
who have no priorities but themselves. What
happens if some idiot pushes Donald beyond
his point of no return? Given that we handed
him the proverbial switch - what will happen
if Mister Big decides to flip out?! Will all of
our hopes and dreams go up in smoke?! Or
will we finally be motivated to do something
to end all of this foolishness? THINK BIG!