Monday, July 3, 2017


... In it's own way
It's oft been said - "to each his own." Which
makes sense given that we all view the world
through a personalized set of unique filters.
Hence our individual wants and likes are as
diverse as we ourselves. For the majority of
my professional career I've leveraged "taste" -
the expression of my individual perspective
to my advantage. Doing so comes naturally
Thus it's not all that hard to pick and choose
to my liking. However others struggle with
doing just that. The end result being anything
but pleasing to the eye. Thus my quandary is
why can't they see what we see? TACKY!
Eye of the beholder
The other morning my senses were assaulted by
a lady strolling down Madison Avenue. While
"granny chic" may be one of the latest trends -
her ensemble of diverse elements was anything
but fashionable. Obviously she had lots of money.
However she didn't know what to do with it. One
hue can in theory form a common bond. Yet even
the color blue couldn't tame such a cacophonous
look she'd randomly joined to create the stylistic
equivilent of Frankenstein's monster. The result
being what can only be deemed a God awful
mess. Yet from her emboldened demeanor it
was obvious the lady herself didn't have a clue.
Ignorance is bliss
Based on said fashion victim's sashay, she was
beyond proud of her concoction. Which is often
the case with the most scurrilous of fashionistas.
Those most tacky enjoy flaunting their wanton
violations of fashion's sacred dictums. While
some admire such rebellion I resent said self
indulgent public displays that are assaults upon
my senses. Obviously said offenders are free to
do whatever they want in the privacy of their
own homes. However strutting about in what
must be deemed inappropriate attire inflicts
undue torture on the rest of us. Leaving one
to wonder - what are they really thinking?
Limited visibility
The answer is absolutely nothing. You see in their
minds such stylistic crimes against humanity are
perfectly acceptable. When they gaze into their
mirrors all that they see is fabulous. While their
personal perspective may be askew, it's perfectly
acceptable to them. That is until somebody finally
reveals the truth about the emperor's new clothes.
Many of the tackiest of people have no idea what
they've done wrong or why. However when gently
coached are more than willing to change the error
of their ways. All they need is an expert to show
them the way. And if they're willing to listen and
learn... hopefully never lose it again.

Adult education
Our world would be a much uglier place if
it weren't for stylists, interior decorators,
retailers, and other arbiters of taste. They
provide a form of adult education that makes
many of us better people. Well, at least on the
surface. Money can buy almost anything but
elegance. All that glitters may be gold yet
silence is golden. Those who finally make it
big often can't help themselves. They take
things much too far. Over the top pushes us
over the edge. One must learn that élan - the
manifestation of chic - requires leveraging
a level of restraint few ingenues understand.

Less is more
Much like other forms of over indulgence, one
must admit they have a problem before they
can address it. Living in a gilded cage may be
acceptable for royalty. However purchasing a
palace on Staten Island does not transform a
plumbing contractor into a prince. In the end
we all must embrace our individual limitations.
Hence restraint always insures things are put
in context. The best way to make friends and
influence people is to subtly inspire. Unfettered
decadence does nobody any good. Thus do us
all a favor and hire an expert. Listen and learn.
And never leave the house in that outfit again.