Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Love connection
I'm counting the days. It won't be long
before I see Frank again. There's just
about nothing better than that moment
when we reconnect after a long hiatus.
Instantaneously the the reason we're a
pair is confirmed via our "chemistry."
I can't explain what makes us... US.
Whether it's DNA, kismet, or the fact
that our souls knew each other long
ago in a former life. All I do know is
that we belong together. A fact that we
have known that since the day we first
met. Proof that two are better than one.

Hey "fox"...
That same "chemistry" also happens with
friends. "T" and I are enjoying our close
proximity. Simply savoring each other's
company and little else. We met in 1976
a Art School. On that day our connection
was instantaneous and immediate. Over
the years distance often separated us. Yet
our "chemistry" remained strong and thus
over forty years later, our relationship is
as close as ever. While neither of us can
explain the alchemy that makes a friend
a soulmate, we are if nothing else simply
simpatico. And what's better than that?
Some enchanted evening
Every one of us has experienced a love
connection. You walk into a room full
of strangers and rarely, not always, one
falls in love or experiences intense like
with another player. Theres no rational
explanation for that phenomena. Two
strangers who seem to have nothing in
common connect as lovers or friends.
And the only reason it happens is due
to  "chemistry". Don't you wish that we
could bottle the damn stuff?! Not only
would we be richer than Midas - the
world would be a much happier place!
Can't get enough
You see, the problem with "chemistry" is
that it's beyond capricious. While specific
in it's formulation - such a combination
only happens when it wants to happen. The
alchemy of relationships is something you
can't force. Hence there is no magic pill that
enables one to meet or greet your long lost,
life-long soul mate at will. The art of dating
is a perfect example. Wouldn't it be lovely
if you could just decide to meet Mr. Right
and it would happen? Sadly that isn't how it
works. True love is the culmination of
much trial and error. Plus a dash of magic.
Perfect formula
At this point I accept that the only
thing I control is my ability to let
happenstance take it's course. Post
a lifetime of forcing things I know
it's ALL far beyond my control.
Convincing oneself that they can
circumvent nature's "chemistry" is
akin to fool's gold. That's because
happiness is all mixed up. When or
if "chemistry" occurs - celebrate it.
And if it doesn't - keep searching
until you find the perfect mix. That's
the proven formula for SUCCESS!