Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Rise and shine
Recently my friend "M" waxed on
eloquently about making breakfast.
During a lengthy retail career she'd
dedicated the majority of her life to
the office. Once "retired" it suddenly
was ALL about her. After decades of
rushing out of the house she is now
able to enjoy the ultimate of luxuries.
Breakfast at home on a daily basis.
And that simple ritual has come to
signify her transition from corporate
drone to domestic goddess. Can you
imagine a better way to start the day?
Innie or outie
Historically I'm not a breakfast
guy, I adore my morning java
with an occasional slice of toast.
Until recently that's been all I've
started each day with. But over
the last months, I've found that
the best way to kick things off
is a hearty breakfast. Frying an
egg is still off of my bucket list.
Hence I try to grab breakfast on
my way to work. The very idea
that someone else is doing the
dishes is my idea of "over easy!"
Coffee clutch
All week long I'm focused on
the office. Once the weekend
arrives, I try to step back and
indulge in myself. For some
reason that lately has come
to mean pancakes. Big, light,
and fluffy buttermilk beauties.
Slathered with butter and then
smothered in REAL maple
syrup. Last weekend "T" and
I hit the coffee shop around
the corner. Not a Starbucks
but a bonified java hut dive.

To Go
Anything hot off the griddle
will do. Fried eggs and bacon.
An Egg McMuffin and hash
browns. Or a big, juicy Taylor
Ham, egg, & cheese sandwich
on a Kaiser roll. Yet all of the
above probably isn't good for
me. So most mornings I try to
start my day off right with a
bowl of organic oatmeal. Or
nibble on a protein bar. But
sadly nothing seems to satisfy
me unless grease is involved.
Home alone
At some point my eating excursions
are going to have to end. While I'm
trying to lose weight, starting one's
day by eating off the fat of the land
is not the healthiest of indulgences.
Whenever I eat breakfast, I dream
of the day when I can cook it myself
in my Montana kitchen. Nothing is
better then simply frying rather than
bringing home the bacon. Someday
I'll be like "M" and enjoy life's simple
pleasures on a daily basis. But I may
switch back to coffee rather than risk
exposure by frying bacon au natural...