Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Like a bridge over troubled waters

Multiple choice?
I don't understand what all the fuss is about.
People are human beings. Plus genetics deal
each of us a capricious hand. Meaning there
is no pre-ordained cocktail with one recipe
of characteristics. Complex creatures, we're
strong, weak, brave, cowardly, happy, sad,
bad, good. Thus the idea that each and every
one of us must conform to one set of criteria
is foolhardy at best. And yet, some seem to
feel that they are far superior to others. And
that their vision of how others should behave
is the only way. Thus they feel it's necessary
to force the rest of us to adhere to their rules.
Animal instinct?
Sadly most humans are but sheep. Few lack the
bravery to blaze a trail. Hence most sit back and
wait for their leader to tell them where to go or
what to think. The end result of such naivety
depends on the individual in power. As history
has taught us again and again, giving authority
to the wrong person inevitably leads to disaster.
Yet as recent events in Turkey indicate, history
repeats itself. Consider North Korea - why is it
that everybody else worldwide sees their leader
for what he truly is - NUTS?! Yet his followers
stand firmly behind him as he leads them (and
possibly ALL of us) to the brink of extinction.
Send in the clowns?
Here in America we're NOT all that different.
Obviously some of us are lost. That's the only
excuse one can give for the sorry excuse of a
man who now sits in our Oval Office. At least
half of us blithely voted in a confirmed liar as
our Commander In Chief. Yet now even those
who don't support his warped world vision roll
our eyes in defeat rather than battle his tsunami
of backlash. We are not alone. The citizens of
France are wrestling with an election that may
equally fracture it's democracy. Left and right,
conservative or liberal, right or wrong, some
idiot will win. But will they be ours or theirs?
Split decision?
The problem is that in a world of such schisms
we ALL lose. In a dictatorship only those who
at the top win. That also applies to all varieties
of communism du jour. A very few will benefit
while the balance descend lower to a baseline
of mediocrity. Within such a bland context of
commonality breeds a common existence that
is devoid of any dreams, aspirations, or hope.
Whereas in theory within a democracy equality
insures that ALL have an equal opportunity to
thrive, succeed, and pursue happiness. Yet in
America nothing is working to our advantage.
Or is it and we simply don't see the good in it?
Win or lose?
The fact is that in order for someone to win,
somebody else has to lose. While in theory
there is nobility in defeat, few if any enjoy
failure. Therefore our loss inevitably is our
gain. In that it's motivation enough to find
a way to regain whatever we consider to be
rightfully ours - not theirs. The jaded know
that this constant swirl can only lead to one
conclusion. Which is that vengeance fuels
all forms of government whether we admit
it or not. And soon after any leader takes it
all for granted, they inevitably lose all that
they fought to gain. And start all over again.
End of the road?
You see, we all make choices - right or wrong.
In places where evil rules, the meek sit back as
they wait for somebody else to save their asses.
But finding people who can turn such adverse
situations around is more than impossible, So
what am I saying? Simply that it's up to YOU
and ME. Unless we all try to do something, this
mess will only get messier. Meanwhile the odds
that some brave soul will rise up to guide our
collective destiny in the right direction is risky
at best. Theres a reason why we've few heroes.
You see we're all to human... including them.
Therefore it's up to each and every one of US.
Right or wrong?
To be clear - nothing changes overnight. Hence
much like our President, we must all embrace
that nothing of consequence occurs within just
one hundred days. It took years to get us into
this mess. And only the combined efforts of
all involved - both winners and losers - give us
a chance at changing our course of action. We
must try to right the wrongs, shift focus, guide
our destiny. All while knowing that somebody
will lose in the process. That's the way it is. The
question is will success come to the minority or
majority? The thrill of winning is all about what
side you're on. Ready or not, here WE come...