Monday, May 15, 2017

The Charge of the Light Brigade

Glow away...
The older one gets - the more important lighting
becomes. As a gentleman of a certain persuasion
I've always held reo-stats (i.e. dimmer switches)
in high esteem. Nothing changes the mood like
a subtle glow versus harsh glare. Yet many folks
have no idea of exactly what to do in relation to
shedding light on their situation. Meaning that
their view of life can be unintentionally gloomy.
Living on the dark side only takes us to a darker
place. Therefore my recommendation is that we
all flip the switch and lighten up. And if needed,
make the proper adjustments to insure that we
see things in the proper light.
Warming trend
As technology marches on, I worry that one
of my beloved elements in illumination may
fade from view. Upon moving into our new
apartment the future seemed bright. Ceilings
were honeycombed with LED spots. All of
which are easily pointed in the right direction.
Yet something was missing. Which was the
ambient elegance of good old table lamps.
Quickly I scoured the city in search of the
proper light sources. Once installed all was
right within my limited sphere of influence.
Hence as Aladdin discovered, the right lamp
can make all of your wishes come true!
Smoke & mirrors
Sadly it seems that the glare of today's modern
world is rarely defused by subtlety. Which is
all the more reason to light up your world at
home. Candles lend an aura that is not only
comforting but can defuse the ravages of time.
There is little like a candle lit room to signal
it's time to savor the moment. Nor is anything
as appetizing as basking in the afterglow of
a fluttering sea of votives. However even in
this case there can be too much of a good
thing. Thus mixing too many fragrances, or
serving supper amidst a bon fire of vanity can
cause your good intentions to go up in smoke!
See the light
Wherever one opts to live, it's important that their
surroundings reflect the owner themselves. Thus
along with lamps there are many other ways to
brighten things up. Nothing makes a home a home
like personal photos and mementos. However
I strongly suggest that one's fridge is not the best
place to strut your stuff. Little is as elegant as a
cluster of photographs perched atop one's grand
piano, console, or bedside table. Such intimate
expressions are subtle reminders of why life is
worth living. Along with links to those who are
no longer able to be with us. Hence each morning
I'm still happily greeted by my Mom and Dad.
Lighten up
As I've already written, this year's Kip's Bay
Showhouse was not my cup of tea. However
one thing did stand out. Which was that every
room sported a bar. Not a traditional temple
to consumption such as one with stools but
rather a tray outfitted with all of the proper
accoutrements. I've always considered such
properly proffered liquid refreshment a key
manifestation of hospitality. It offers up an
instant way to lighten one's mood. All you
need is a proper surface, a few bottles, an ice
bucket, something to shake things up, and last
but not least empty glasses ready and waiting!
Open & closed case
Nothing changes one's perspective better than
a room with a view. Windows bring the world
to us. Thus they not only change one's outlook
but also enlighten. However one must be open
minded when putting them into the context of
a decorative scheme. Some rooms appear best
at night and thus are dramatic dens of iniquity.
Whereas others are mean to bask in the sun's
glow. Both require different window dressings.
My personal preference is to always let the
architecture itself play the dominant role rather
than cover one's fenestration with fussy finery.
While others opt to throw shade (as in roller.)
Light bright
It's always better to walk on the sunny side
along the way to illumination. Therefore in
dark times such as these it might be easy to
give up. However we can't hide from reality.
Thus each of us must do whatever it takes
to insure that we maintain a laser like focus
on insuring freedom and equality for ALL.
There is no reason that everyone can't live
in the manner to which they're accustomed.
Elegance requires nothing more than the
ability to see things in a different light. And
to enlighten others through liberal doses of
kindness, courtesy, and respect. Switch it up!