Friday, May 5, 2017


Order up
As many know, I adore the
occasional drinkie poo. Is
there's anything as civilized
as sitting at a bar and letting
go? I find the conviviality of
cocktails inspires sharing all
sorts of tidbits. Thus a bit of
the brew can stir life's pot.
Join the party
Depending on where one sips
one's immediate circle can be
large or small as local traffic
allows. Camaraderie can be
just as intoxicating as one's
preferred beverage. Therefore
please be careful or you just
might be left holding the tab!
Check in
I adore a venerable hotel bar.
It's like socializing in a good
friend's living room. Plus the
retro vibe of jacketed waiters,
imprinted coasters, swizzle
sticks, and bowls of nuts all
affirm civilization still exists!

Watch out
Bars are rarely the best venue
for a clandestine confab. It's a
small world, especially among
lushes. Many marriages have
ended due to some random
sighting. Hence if you must
misbehave, please rent a room
rather than risk exposure.

Sit still
For years I sat at the same bar
in the same stool, ate the same
meal, ordered the same martini.
It's also safe to assume I told the
same tales to my loyal barkeep.
Being a "regular" brings a sense
of well being that is well worth
whatever one's tab amounts to!

Sing sing
I've been known to enjoy the
occasional show tune. Long
ago I belonged to a club where
every night one could warble
beside the piano as the lyrics
flashed upon the wall above.
While I've never done karaoke,
I'm happy to sing in PRIVATE.

Get down
We've all hit rock bottom. Often
at some suburban basement bar.
Sadly such knotty pine dens of
iniquity no longer exist. Today
it seems that most parties begin
and end around a kitchen island.