Saturday, May 27, 2017

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Hit man
The news that on the eve of Thursday's special
election, a Republican candidate for Congress
body slammed a "liberal" reporter had America
talking. I was engulfed with a plethora of calls
and queries from freaked out friends asking me
"WTF is going on in Montana?!" It's bad enough
that any candidate for office behaves in such an
aggressive manner. However in the end the thug,
Greg Gianforte won anyway. Proof that some of
us vote not for the man but in order to maintain
power. Thus as of Thursday, an arrogant abusive
ass is now my "representative". Proving that the
right is still willing to take the wrong side.
Pride & prejudice
I've said this from the beginning. My chagrin
at Mr. Trump's candidacy and subsequent win
had NOTHING to do with his party affiliation.
Rather it had all to do with the man himself.
As he has more than proven since then, he's
an arrogant, deceitful, and innately weak man.
Which is exactly what I knew all along. You
see what's going on in our country has nothing
to do with the right versus left. Nor red versus
blue. Nor Democrat versus Republican. Nor
conservative versus liberal. Rather we are in
the midst of a battle between GOOD and EVIL.
And sadly we're ALL losers...
Combat zone
When did it become acceptable for a political
candidate and now an elected official to strike
anybody? How did physical violence become
permissible if someone is perched on the hot
seat? As far as I can recall, politicians have
frequently punched it out with the press and
pundits. However never before have elected
bullies gotten physical. Some argue that the
victim (a "liberal" reporter) got exactly what
he deserved. And that it was his actions that
provoked Mr. Gianforte to literally strike out
in his defense. How can anybody accept such
a pathetic excuse? Have we sunk that low?!
High and mighty
Our leaders are supposed to be much more
than average. Their experience, talents, skills,
and fortitude in theory enable them to rise
above the fray. Thus we THEIR people have
every right to hold them to a higher standard.
To expect their best not worst. By running for
office they accept that proposition. Therefore
there is no excuse for their blatant violation
of their vows to serve us - not themselves.
As the trinity of Washington investigations
dig deep, they're exposing more than Russian
connections. They're revealing our elected
officials for who they really are - criminals.
At our discretion
Like it or not, once one is voted into office
it's all about US - not them. Thus they've
no right to put their interests before ours.
Nor have they been endorsed to battle any
attempt to clarify fact versus fiction. Their
role is that of a public servant. Therefore
their job is to be our SERVANTS. Whose
sole focus, primary purpose, and inherent
responsibility is to fulfill our wants and
needs. Doing so requires the agility of an
acrobat. They must protect us ALL - both
sides - every citizen - each faction - any
Us not them
Not serving the whole is not only wrong, it
may be a crime. So esteemed leaders, before
you steal, cheat, lie, or strike out at anybody
remember that the only reason you're where
you are is because WE put you there. And
we can just as easily FIRE you. In America
ALL are created EQUAL. That means that
NOBODY should have an unfair advantage.
Especially those who we trust, empower, and
PAY to protect us. So do us all a favor and
act in a manner appropriate for such role.
Rise above your challenges. Inspire, lead,
and most important, RESPECT US ALL!