Saturday, May 20, 2017


Well hung
Less may be more however I've never been
proficient in the art of self control. Given a
choice between deprivation and indulgence,
I always order dessert. Try as I might, I'm
simply unable to limit my options. However
the older I get, the more serious the impact
of going over the literal edge on an all too
frequent basis. Unfortunately such ill deeds
have residual impact. Leaving me to realize
(the morning after) that I've gone too far.
Facing reality with a hangover is not only
painful but also humbling. Especially when
I've nobody to blame but myself.
Exit strategy
Hindsight is twenty/twenty. However if you
can't recall how the prior evening ended, it's
a bit challenging to discern exactly what just
occurred. Invariably the root of all evil is
ordering that third cocktail or second bottle
of vino. While it seemed the right decision
at the time, twelve hours later one may still
have a lingering sense that it was NOT in
their best interest. Fortunately for me such
regrets are few and far between. Yet every
time I struggle to secure my Hermes belt I'm
reminded that more is most certainly more.
And every indulgence adds to one's baggage.
Checks and balances
I'm trying to watch what I eat. But lately that's
led to an inability to see my feet. I never drink
alone yet once I'm out, I simply can't say no.
I'm a zealot when it come to balancing my
checkbook to the last penny. However I often
exceed my spending limit. If I'm honest enough
to face my reality I must admit that I'm an over
indulgent failure. But what good is wallowing
in such a revelation? Taking advantage is unfair.
Especially when it's that hung over old fat man
looking back at you in the mirror. You see, the
truth is staring you in the face. And it's saying...
maybe it's time to do something about it.
Bumpy ride?
Most of us are fairly responsible. Each of us err.
After a period of post traumatic stress syndrome
all of us move on to better things. At least for me
theory alone isn't enough to teach me a lesson.
I have to learn the hard way. Therefore I'm not
motivated to go on a diet until I can no longer fit
into my clothes. Nor am I able to abstain unless
I'm in the midst of a hangover from hell. Try as
I might, I can't push my envelope fast enough.
At least for me, going to extremes seems to be
the only way to achieve balance.  Hence I have
found that the occasional detour always points
me in the right direction.
Upon closer inspection
Embracing one's weaknesses is sobering. The
only way to conquer one's demons is to get
back on the horse that got you there. Once
again, I start a diet on this morning after. A
few days sans booze will reveal more than my
cheekbones. Cutting my portions in half may
not only limit my options but strengthen my
resolve. Staying within budget fuels my sense
of security. All proving that less is absolutely
more. The only thing that stands in the way
of my success is... me. For now I'll continue
to take life one day at a time. And hopefully
be smart enough to occasionally... SAY NO!