Monday, January 16, 2017


Given there is a strong chance that I may be sans internet service for a few
days - I'm replaying some entries from the spring of 2013 which chronicle
my reaction to returning to Manhattan from Montana. History repeats itself!

We all need balance. 
The hardest challenge in life
is staying on an even keel. I
love being back in New York.
It's energy, elegance, and edge
are fabulous. But could it be
that my time spent in isolated
Montana is reason that it all
seems so amazing?

I have a confession...
I'm a tad jaded. After all I have
been around the block a few too
many times. And when I've had
enough, I need an escape hatch.
Yet until now running away has
required two to three flights to
get from here... to there.

Lewistown grounds me.
One could stand in the middle
of Main Street and scream
"FREE GUCCI!" and few if
any would care. Most people
in Montana live life simply
and honestly. Which is what
I've been doing until now...
Manhattan inspires me.
At the Grand Central Post office
there is a really scary clerk. A
tough New Yorker, she growls
and scowls. Yet one day I told
her I needed stamps to send my
Mom a card. Suddenly she was
putty in my hands! With tears
in her eyes she told me how she
she loved getting cards from her
kids. We all want to be loved!

Location, location...
Maybe splitting life between
Manhattan and Montana isn't
what brings balance to my life.
Rather it might be practicing
what I've learned since living
in Siberia. It doesn't matter
where you live. What's most
important is HOW you live!