Tuesday, January 10, 2017


False start
There is one skill I've yet to master and
that is patience. My natural clock runs
on overtime. Thus I find it more than
disconcerting when anything delays
what I consider the natural progression
of things. As I've matured my inability
to stew in a state of purgatory has barely
improved. However in truth I want what
I want when I want it. Which invariably
means NOW. My only problem is that
the rest of mankind also has their own
set of priorities which usurp mine. Thus
I must wait until they're ready or... not.
From the get go
Procuring an apartment in Manhattan is a
circuitous and tenuous process. The first
week of December I found what I hoped
would be our new home. Located in our
old stomping grounds it's everything we
could want and more. Immediately I told
the broker that we wanted it. And soon we
were deep into the applications and fees.
You see, in the big apple one must pay as
you go. Meaning that before a renter is to
be considered by a condominium or coop
board they must shell out thousands of
bucks in non-refundable application fees.
Rank and file
As if that weren't enough of an investment,
one must also fill out voluminous forms.
All designed to assess if you're worthy
enough to live amongst the landed gentry
(i.e. owners.) Said disclosures must include
letters of reference, bank documentation
of account balances, full financial details
including the value of all liquid assets plus
other investments. In addition one signs
and notarizes government forms relating
to bed bugs, window guards, lead paint,
and the like. Finally post submission one
must wait three weeks for a yes or no.
Manhattan transfer
Obviously we're (I'm) on a tight schedule.
Saturday I fly to Manhattan to coordinate
a smooth transition into our new abode
prior to starting work. Thus for weeks I've
collected and packed all softs of goodies
that will transform a furnished apartment
into our home. Plus pack up all the togs
that make this man. As of today all are
on their way to our new home via UPS
Ground. And with God's speed with arrive
within days of my getting the keys. Thus
in this case all good things come to those
who wait. Even if one detests doing so.
Sooner or later
If only life were easier. Yet somehow I know
that I wouldn't be happy if everything ran as
smoothly as I think it should . If nothing else
I thrive on crisis management. And given the
majority of our world is incapable of doing
as promised on time, I should have plenty to
keep me busy. And that's exactly what I need
to be for the next few months. Leaving my
home and beloved behind is going to be very
hard. Therefore amidst my initial cold turkey
stage it will be good to have something else
on my mind. Even if it is making sure that
the cable guy comes when he's supposed to...