Thursday, January 19, 2017


Good morning friends.
Still in the midst of my move I'm sharing another blog from 2013.
Given my behavior last night... nothing has changed since then.

This morning I am feeling the
after effects of a long dinner
with a dear friend. My residual
issues are due to the fact that
during said repast I consumed
at least three Manhattans on
the rocks. While it's obvious
that I enjoyed myself, one can't
help but question if letting it all
hang out was worth a hangover.

Who knows what drives this
need to sip as I sup. Is it that
I don't want to disappoint the
bartender? Somehow ordering
the right cocktail or bottle of
vino validates my role as the
sophisticated bon vivant. 

At times I've taken a hiatus from booze.
Not only did said respite clear my head,
I felt better. Yet quickly I was back on
my alcohol sodden saddle. At the root
of my challenge is my obvious lack of
self control. Give me a bag of chips or
pint of Hagen Dazs and quickly they're
history. When out, one cocktail quickly
becomes several. Which in the end is
never good for me. Or those near...

While I may wax eloquently about my love for
a strong Manhattan, I'm not certain I adore the
way it makes me feel. Hence I've considered
not drinking. Many of you may thinks that I'm
nuts. However in my "gut" I know that when
it's time to question something I do regularly.
It's my job to ensure that short term pleasure
merits any long term impact. Maybe I'm crazy
or is it just that I've finally decided to grow up?
Come to think of it... what am I thinking?!

As we age it's harder to recover.
In my youth I could eat or drink
almost anything. Now even the
occasional Tater Top transforms
into back bacon. All bodes the
question, is it really worth it?
Don't worry. I've no intention of
giving up anything right now.
But... I'm thinking about it.
Meanwhile I'll drink to that!