Monday, March 28, 2016

"My Mother's china..."

All set?
Some of my most popular posts revolve
around table settings. There's no doubt
that I'm my Mother's son. Hence there's
little I enjoy more than the process of
creating a beautiful table. Yesterday's
Easter mid day dinner (left) involved a
variety of treasures. Therefore setting
a proper table is like a reunion of dear,
old friends. Honestly, it really doesn't
take that much time and effort. All one
has to do is be willing to try a few new
(old) tricks. So rather than be a loser -
why not slide into home plate?
The truth be told
Once aware of my compulsion for china,
many now consider me the Dear Abby
of tabletop. Hence after seeing my great
wall of china confessions start to flow.
"I still have my wedding china packed
away - I've never used it." "I think I've
used my china once or twice - I'm too
afraid to break something." "I've got my
Mother's china packed away somewhere
in the attic." Your stories go on and on.
All of which leaves me wondering -
Exactly what are you waiting for and
whatever are you eating off of now?!
Shabby chic
Frankly, there's no reason not to use it.
The fact is most of what most claim to
be a family heirloom is not worth very
much. Given the empty nesting clock
is ticking, why let others discover your
heirlooms on the shelf at Goodwill?
Today there are no rules therefore you
don't have to set the table like your
Mother did. In fact, nothing's as stylish
as robbing granny's attic then mixing
and matching it all into a melange that's
yours alone. If you don't believe me,
shop tabletop at Anthropologie!
Use it or lose it
Why defer the pleasure of trotting out all
of that "good stuff" for your company here
and now? If granny's china isn't dishwasher
proof go for it. Who cares if after a few
loads some of the gilt comes off? There's
no reason to feel guilty - we experts call
that "patina." At least it saw the light of
day. The same applies for that crystal or
colored glassware that's wrapped up in
newspaper in some box. Why not drink
to your hearts delight out of something
besides that recycled big gulp from the
local Seven Eleven! Chug-a-lug in style!
Out and about
If nothing else keeping said treasures
buried is a crime. Why not give it all
a chance to see the candlelight?! The
only reason to have nice things is to
enjoy them. I know of many who use
their sterling flatware daily. It cleans
up just fine in the dishwasher plus that
daily use guarantees it won't tarnish.
And while we're on the subject - I'm
baffled those who don't know how to
set a table. Fork on the left, knife and
spoons on the right. And never place
the forks on top of the napkin - never!
Satisfy your appetite
I'm not telling you to get fancy. While
I'm certain Zsa Zsa set a decent table,
it was always all about her. So please
indulge yourself and those lucky few
who dine with you. Life is short so why
short change yourself with compromise?
Enjoy whatever time you have left by
using all of that bric-a-brac left to you
by dead relatives. Honestly, if it breaks
they won't know! It's time to stop and
smell the roses, or eat off the ones that
decorate Aunt Dot's china. So do us all
a favor and get READY, SET, DINE!