Saturday, March 19, 2016


Food for thought
With spring is in the air, many think
of the great outdoors. Cabin fever if
nothing else can inspire one's green
thumb. Here at the Passion Pit we're
finally moving on to the final stages
of our renovation. Most of which
involves flora and fauna. You see,
here in Lewistown, Montana we're
a tad over populated. With deer that
is. Specifically within the city limits.
At this point they're so tame that
they think they own the place. So if
we can't shoot, at least we can shoo!
Feed the children?
There's all sorts of fiction about how to
deal with said furry friends. In theory
they find certain plants distasteful plus
all sorts of other concoctions designed
to keep them away. However to date
we've found nothing that can stop the
voracious appetites of said interlopers.
And before any of you suggest they're
"cute" - take a look at those tiny black
pellets strewn across our yard. Those
alone are motivation enough to be as
unneighborly as possible. So soon this
will be a venison free zone if it kills me!
Cruelty to animals
Rather than waste money planting fodder
for Bambi and his friends we're putting
up a fence. At six feet it's guaranteed to
deter the soon to be deerly departed from
gaining access to our inner sanctum. In
addition our intention is to plant a hedge
in front of said barrier in order to further
deter their ability to jump gain access to
our territory. Frankly, it's our only option
beyond surreptitiously luring them into
the garage with a loaded weapon ready
and waiting. But honestly, they're not
worth going to jail for are they?
Build it and they will come
I'll admit I've got an ulterior motive. As
many of you know I've wanted a pooch
for eons. My beloved has barred access
to any dogs due to our lack of a fenced
back yard. Hence come hell or high
cedar one will be up before the end
of the summer. My dream (Frank's
nightmare) will soon come true even
if some claim that I'm barking up the
wrong tree. By summer a Frenchie will
be joining me in the chorus. And before
you know it... said dog will be another
man's best friend. I totally guarantee it!
As the world turns...
Coordinating any home renovation is
akin to herding cats. However at this
stage of our transformation its going
to be even tougher! While God created
this green earth in six days, it's taken
us more than three years to reach our
conclusion. How we will parlay fence
construction with sidewalk and terrace
installation with sprinkler systems with
outdoor lighting with sod, plants, and
trees is yet to be seen.  However we're
going to do whatever it takes to get the
job done BEFORE next winter hits!
How does your garden grow?
We're fully aware that this is just but
another start of yet a new chapter. As
with any creative endeavor, one must
slowly layer element upon element
while planting a garden. Here in the
frozen tundra, one must also be a bit
of a gambler.  For the last year we've
been watching and waiting to discover
our backyard hot spots. The next years
will be filled with trial and error, yet
in the end something beautiful will
bloom here in our little bit of heaven,