Monday, March 21, 2016


Neither here nor there
Are you as confused as I am? Sunday
was the first day of spring. Here in
central Montana, the thermometer hit
the high sixties. Thus it was the rare
occasion when it felt as if spring had
spring here in Siberia. Meanwhile the
weather experts forecast snow in New
York City. All of the above bodes the
question - is it time to switch out our
closets or must we wait a tad longer
till we don our gay apparel? After all,
chances are a blizzard just might hit
us on Easter. Are we lions or lambs?
Less is more?
I wish I could be more flexible. Living in
a black and white world of absolutes is so
much more comfortable for me. However
that's not reality. Much like everything I
crave in life, such a definitive situation is
simply not natural. So once again, I must
rely on a higher being to remind me to be
patient and as variable as the weather. At
this point in life I should have learned my
lesson yet much like days of yore, chances
are in the next few weeks I'll be lolling in
linen when I should be cozy in cashmere.
And I can't blame that on "man-oh-pause!"
Out of step?
My problem is I want to freshen my
perspective. I shifted my closet back
in September and now I'm more than
ready for a change. That said, I'm a
realist. Therefore I'm fully aware that
as soon as I put my snow boots away
a foot of the white stuff will fall and
I'll be left literally out in the cold. In
the fashion business we called this
season "transitional." Meaning the
most popular togs are harbingers of
spring and warm enough to weather
any storm. Think SNOW WHITE!
Better late than never
This is one of those times of the year
when I'm glad to be out of Manhattan.
For whatever reason the Big Apple
is climatically challenged during
seasonal shifts. It seems that some
higher power flips a switch from hot
to cold. Which means hermetically
sealed spaces can't keep up with the
temperature swings that accompany
spring or fall. Hence it's too hot or
too cold both inside or out. Making
it impossible to stay in one's comfort
zone. Who likes being miserable?!
Out of sync
Nothing could be worse for the sale
of frocks? Invariably the shops are
stocked with the wrong togs at the
even worse time. When we were last
in Rome - the thermometer hovered
in the eighties yet every store was
packed with fall goods. Many is the
spring where one desperately seeks
a sweater to no avail. It seems we're
all climatically doomed. Meaning
that no matter how one tries, it just
may be impossible to dress properly
for the right time or place.
Color your world
I've decided to brighten my outlook. So
this week I'm dragging out everything
that makes me happy. I'm turning on the
lights even if most everyone around me
remains on the dark side.  Even if I look
thinner in charcoal, that splash of coral
makes me happy. Yellow may not be
my best hue yet a dab of butter always
adds a splash of sunshine no matter the
weather. While one may feel blue, a bit
of the bright side clears away all gloom.
So why wait to lighten up? SPRING
HAS SPRUNG! C'mon, get happy!