Friday, March 4, 2016


Door to door service
It's been said, one door closed... another
door opened. For most of my life I've
found that true. Much like Auntie Mame
I've never hesitated to open a new door
or window. And while at times both have
been shut in my face, inevitably a fresh
perspective has turned out to be the best
thing for me. Often we have no choice
as someone else holds the keys to our
destiny. However in the end, we human
beings can if nothing else easily adapt.
Hence no matter what the obstacle, we
move on to better places.
Tunnel of love
In the midst of dramatic periods of
change, life continues. Having lost
someone who made our lives better,
it's odd to think that we can go on
sans their love and support. Yet after
months if not years of struggle, their
departure brings both sorrow and
redemption. And so in honor of those
we've loved we move on to start anew,
embrace the hand we've been dealt,
and keep on going. That's what they
would want us to do. And have done
so themselves in times past.
Twice as nice
Therefore life goes on. This week our
new breezeway gate was installed at
the Passion Pit. Hence we now have
another new door to open. While not
part of the original design of our home,
somehow it belongs there. Given recent
temperate highs and lows, we're tempted
to get out and start landscaping. However
soon spring will truly arrive and we can
do just that. Meanwhile we'll enjoy our
newfound friend, most perfectly crafted
by our talented contractor Mike and his
son Tahan. As usual, they over delivered!
Round trip
Owning a home is quite a responsibility.
However reviving one that was more
than neglected for a long time requires
if nothing else patience and fortitude.
Last week the dynamic duo installed
restored screen doors upon our front
porch french doors. Built of solid oak
they had somehow survived almost a
century of abuse. Now fully back to
their original luster, they're ready and
waiting to let in a breath of fresh air.
And trust me we could use it. After
all, it's about time... isn't it?!
You can go home
Having lived in our "new" home for
over 18 months, it never ceases to
surprise us. We've come to love this
old house and every quirk about it.
Overall we've absolutely no regrets.
And while it's highly doubtful our
investment will payout financially,
emotionally it has already given us
back what we needed tenfold. All
proof that sometimes one must let
their heart rather than head make the
decision. And moving to Montana
was the best decision we've ever made.
Full circle
Helping one's elders transition from the
role of "parent" to "child" can at times
be fascinating but rarely easy. In part
because said process requires that they
acknowledge their mortality and let go.
Yet once a loved one hands over primary
responsibility for decision making, there
tends to be a reprieve for all involved. If
nothing else acquiescing to one whom
you created, molded, and supported all
of their life may be the ultimate reward
for a job well done. Or... an open and
shut case of unrequited love.