Monday, February 29, 2016


House of cards
Every one of us has a limited time here
on earth. Hence while here, we follow
the rules and play the game as best we
can. Frank's dear Mother Pearl has been
a driving force in her family, church,
and community since birth. An elegant
lady in every way, she's touched many
lives during her time with us here on
earth. Sadly she is now in the process
of departing. As I write she's ensconced
in our lovely local Hospice House. And
all of those who love her are gathered
around. It's truly a beautiful time.
Cure for what ails you
For the last three weeks we've lived
in a state of perpetual limbo. Joined
as a family and waiting for what we
know is the inevitable end to one of
life's most natural of processes. If
nothing else this time of struggle has
enabled us reconnect and unite. And
as expected said group dynamic has
been loving, supportive, and above
all else... affirming. However we're
not saints. Meaning we've indulged
in liberal amounts of sugar, carbs,
and alcohol. Call it self medication!
Players club
However that's not what has helped us
weather the storm. Rather a group of
good old fashioned family activities
have enabled us to pass the time. The
other afternoon four of our party sat
around a jigsaw puzzle. Each working
to complete the picture. Everyone is
struggling to put the pieces together
in their own way. Thus it makes sense
that bringing something to completion
comforts all involved.  And so piece
by piece we slowly see the total picture.
And all of a sudden, it all makes sense.
Chances are...
At another table several sat playing cards.
As in any group activity, there was most
certainly a competitive component. Yet
each and every participant was obviously
playing for pleasure rather than gain.
Watching them interact, one couldn't help
but be reminded that even when one is
dealt a bad hand, we can still savor the
pleasure of each other's company. Win
or lose, if nothing else we've learned that
even when the odds are against us, we are
stronger together. Could it be that in the
end love truly does conquer all?
Love fest
In another corner somebody snoozed,
another read, and I sat writing this blog.
In between we cooked, sipped, nibbled,
visited, and commiserated. No matter
what distractions, nothing really defers
the pain. Each of us is dealing with the
reality at hand in our own way. Like it
or not, life goes on. And so while we
may not like the process, it is what it is.
Saying goodbye is harder than any of
us expected. Yet in the end the winner
will take all. And because of her legacy,
those left behind will be just fine...
Family values
While losing Mom is painful, most of
us wouldn't trade these past weeks for
anything. While loss has always been
top of mind, in the end our collective
gain may be worth it. Together we've
shared a time and place that has made
us closer, stronger, and wiser. Our unity
of souls and hearts honors someone we
love and hence celebrate. New stories,
jokes, and tears have been added to our
family album. So for now, we continue
to thank God for all we've already been
given. And... have yet to receive.