Tuesday, February 9, 2016


You say ether I say either
Lately this blog has been filled with
errors. While spelling has never been
my forte, one of my challenges is that
dreaded scourge of our modern world -
SPELL CHECK. Like some evil little
troll it subtly changes "even" to "ever"
when I'm seemingly not looking. And
suddenly all of my loyal readers are
rather confused about what I'm exactly
trying to say. Fortunately for many it's
hopefully lost in the translation from
English to Russian or Ukrainian.
Чи можу я зробити сенс ще?

Time is of the Esso
Part of my challenge is that it takes
quite a bit of time to jot off one of
my brain dumps. Hence there are
days when I'm in rather a rush. And
as they say... "haste makes waste."
Yet time isn't my primary problem.
You see, I've never been one to pay
attention to detail. Therefore while
I proofread this mess multiple times,
what in my mind's eye is perfect is
flawed at best. Which means once
again that you dear readers must
suffer my consequences.

Out of site
Given a picture says a thousand words,
one of the challenges of this blog is to
find the right images. How do I do what
I do? Well, first I write whatever is on
my mind. Then I find multiple image
options from my variety of sources.
Finally I put it all together. That editing
process of placing a square peg into a
round hole often ends up with the wrong
word in the wrong place. Given I'm both
verbal and visual, the two should easily
meld. But sometimes my left lobe won't
play nicely with my right brain.

With all the best detentions
All of the above are truly only excuses.
In reality I've been rather crazed the last
few weeks. Besides tending our house,
attending meetings, and co chairing a
major event - we're struggling with some
family challenges. So, my mind is often
any place but here (i.e. montanaroue').
And that's where the trouble starts and
ends. While multi-tasking is considered
a required skill for most modern mavens,
I'm woefully inadequate in that skill set.
Which is why I often err while writing
on air. Hence grammatical confusion.

Where wuz I?
Even if sometimes I say the wrong thing
at the wrong time, it's rather remarkable
that we can chat across the world. And
while this blog is always a one-sided
conversation, I hope that in some way
my oft flawed attempt at communication
helps the rest of you as much as it does
me. The fact is that these missives for
whatever reason ensure that I don't lose
my mind. So thanks for listening. And
more important, please know that by
simply reading this, you help correct
the error of my ways. Thank youse.

Forgive and forget
After all, we're all too human. Therefore
we need some sort of support group in
order to survive. We all make mistakes.
Historically my failures have been of
a human and personal nature. However
over the years I've slowly learned how
to lessen my negative impact on others.
Yet while I try to always to my best,
I fail like the rest of you. But hopefully
while a tad annoying, my occasional
grammatical or spelling errors are quite
quickly forgotten. Go forward I promise
to do my bent (I mean best)!