Saturday, February 6, 2016


A new world
I've on a hiatus from work for some
time. In my business "non-competes"
reward you for not working for any
competitor for a period of time post
departure. While I consider this time
"retirement" theres still a chance that
I may not remain out to pasture. You
see, I love what I do and if given the
chance to join the right team, I might
just bite. Plus lately I'm thinking that
working for the man might be rather
relaxing. "Retirement" is exhausting.
And I'm busier than I've ever been!
Switching places
You see, somehow I've over extended
myself. Meaning that I've become too
involved in several groups here in tiny
Lewistown. Initially I wondered if my
involvement would provide any help
for said organizations. However I've
quickly learned that I've got more than
cash to give - as long as I package my
ideas in a palatable manner. I'm quite
a passionate gentleman. And once I'm
in... I dive off the deep end. If you're
going to volunteer, it's best to focus on
something you care about it. And I do!
Area code
Hence I've suddenly become somewhat
of a renaissance man. As a newcomer,
I see things from a different perspective.
As an outsider, I bring new ideas to the
table. As an expert, I share my wisdom
and experience. As a zealot, one must
practice patience. And as a volunteer
you are just one in a team. All of which
sounds easier than it actually is. Like any
small town, Lewistown Montana has it's
movers and shakers. Many are bound by
common goals and ideals. Then there
are others who are set in THEIR ways.
Busy signals
All that I see is potential. A plethora
of opportunities for reuse and revival.
Whereas many locals have in essence
given up. Hence a haze of malaise
enshrouds our beautiful community.
Some are doing their best to clear the
air, start afresh, and invest in the future.
Yet in an isolated, agrarian culture that's
not as easy as it sounds. Fortunately I've
connected with kindred spirits who are
committed to making a difference. All
while stalwarts fight change. Therefore
our days are spent pushing us forward.
Over and out
Juggling my calendar is quite the
challenge. However keeping up my
morale has been even harder. While
I developed a thick skin within the
corporate arena, nothing could have
prepared me for this. I have never
suffered fools. And while ignorance
may be bliss for those dumb enough
not to care, said village idiots drag the
rest of us down with them. Which is
why we must do whatever it takes to
make things better. The result being
the equivalent a new full time job.
Life support
Who knows whether I'll make a difference
or not. What's important is that at least I'm
trying. When was the last time you stuck
your neck out for something that you cared
about? It's easy to sit back and bemoan all
that's wrong with one's world. Yet unless
one is willing to take action and attempt to
divert disaster, you're just a sitting pigeon.
Rather than accepting defeat, we must get
out and fight for what we believe is right.
That's what volunteering is all about. And
trust me... everyone can do something for
the better. Whether "they" like it or not...