Monday, February 8, 2016


Safe and sound
In the King and I, Mrs. Anna suggests
that whenever one is afraid, whistling
a happy tune will eliminate all threats
and make things better. Yet rather than
turning to music for solace, I ingest.
Filling my belly fills any void created
by life's woes. The foods of my youth
i.e. "comfort food" seem to satisfy my
hungry heart. Apparently returning to
one's culinary roots is an alternative
to taking medication. Meaning that
for the near future, we'll be dining on
family favorites that feed our souls.
Cure for all ills
Of course that's not all we consume
if challenged. Cocktails soothe this
savage beast. Thus while dinner is
in the oven I quickly pour myself
a good, stiff drink. Years ago when
I was under stress I consulted with
my physician about my alcoholic
intake. After answering a series of
queries, he assured me I was not an
alcoholic. Then he offered up some
sage advice. "You can either go on
self medicating or I can write you
out a prescription for Valium."
Tried and true
Staying close to home during truly hard
times reassures, restores, and revives.
One thing is certain. One must keep up
one's standards even when beleaguered.
Hence our table will always be set in a
proper manner to reassure us that some
things never change. Said invaluable link
to civilization proves that we still have
control over some aspects of our dreary
existence. If that seems trite, I suggest
that you try to find comfort in any of
your family traditions. No matter what,
keep doing whatever you've been doing.
Pot luck
For me comfort food means something
slow cooked. Be it a brisket, pot roast,
or short ribs. Such a meal works when
one is in crisis mode. As long as you're
able to put it into the oven, ultimately
dinner will be served whenever one is
ready, willing, and able to dine. We all
have our own traditions. So dish out
whatever makes you feel safe or sound
during tough times. And remember that
the most important ingredient is dining
with those you love. Could there be
anything more comforting than that?
Puddin' head
And please, don't forget dessert. While
many of us often abstain, theres a time
and a place for everything. Nothing is
sweeter than a pie, cake, or in my case
pudding like Mother used to make.
Somehow a dish of homemade vanilla
pudding hits my spot. Mostly as it is
not in any way chic. There are times
when even I must literally let my hair
down. Therefore I'm going to prepare
and serve whatever makes me happy.
Hopefully, my family and guests will
also find comfort in my comfort food.