Friday, February 5, 2016


Safety in numbers
Recently we heard some news that
while devastating was expected. We
both thought we could handle it. Yet
the reality of it all hit us pretty hard.
Thus even while we think we're tough
guys, in truth we're just a pair of sob
sisters. Which means we always have
a shoulder to cry upon. However after
digesting the data, we were anything
but emotional. Rather, we've slipped
into a state of shock. And therein is
a numbness that feels rather safe and
is oddly comforting. Life is what it is.
Two for the road
Is there ever a time when everything is
perfect? Often I find myself wistfully
dreaming of some perpetually happy
place. No worries, pressure, stress nor
sorrow. And yet what could be further
from reality than the very idea of that
nirvana? Most of us spend much of our
lives going through the motions. Step
by step, inch by inch we learn along the
way. When faced by a fork in the road
some go the easy route. Others opt for
the express lane. Some take a detour.
Yet we all get there in our own time.
Rites of passage
Upon being hit with distressful data,
one has a choice. Either one embraces
the facts or slips into a contrived state
of denial. However do we really get
to choose either or? Somewhere deep
within our individual experience lies
fodder for a Pavlovian response. Thus
while caprice is seemingly in control,
one really should know what to expect
from oneself alone. Be it tears, terror,
or denial - that's just the way it always
is. Thankfully some things never change
in this ever changing world we live in.
Ours alone
At this point I realize that many of
my dear readers are scratching their
heads. While a public persona even
I occasionally hang a "do not disturb"
sign on my open door. At some point
I'll spill the beans. But for now it just
doesn't feel right. Simply know that
neither Frank nor I are ill. And that
at least for now the only thing that
we may lose is our patience. Please
don't worry. We're big boys and will
make it through this next chapter of
life a bit older and much wiser.
There's always tomorrow
I promise that by tomorrow I'll shake
myself out of this funk. While I've no
desire to depress the rest of you, I'm
really not in the mood to uplift today.
This is how I get from here... to there.
In the meantime my words of advice
are to seize the day. Savor each and
every moment of the here and now.
Make sure that whatever you're doing
is worth the time and effort. However
most important, don't fight the inevitable.
Rather embrace your destiny. Celebrate
fate. After all, the choice is yours right?