Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Where have all the flowers gone?

Winter of our discontent
Out here in the frozen tundra one can
feel a bit distanced from civilization.
Having lived an urbane urban existence
for most of my life, I took most of said
niceties for granted. However once we
moved to Siberia suddenly I realized all
that we once had. Fortunately it's not as
bad as one might think. There are most
certainly things that far outweigh any
deficit in decorum. All one has to do
is watch the sun dawn in our big sky
to know this truly is the last best place.
And that in it's time spring will arrive.
It's been all arranged
While life may not always be roses,
there's no reason one can't brighten
their perspective. Somehow flowers
do that for me. For most of my adult
life I've always had fresh flowers in
my home and office. A few posies
grouped in a vase instantly adds a
touch of elegance. In the city one can
grab a bouquet on almost every street
corner. Whereas here in Lewistown
one's options are the grocer or two
florists in town. Hence there's really
no excuse for being deflowered.
Tried and true
As many of you know I'm rather an old
fashioned sort of guy. Thus carnations
still tend to be on the top of my floral
list. Why? Well mainly because of their
peppery scent which always adds to any
room. I loosely group white blossoms
of the miniature variety in some random
vase. While obviously not fashionable in
any way, they emit a blast of fragrance
every time you walk by. Making even
the darkest of these winter days suddenly
springlike. And they last forever. So even
on a limited budget, why not blossom?!
A rose is a rose is a rose
While beyond beautiful, few if any of
today's popular rose varieties stink.
Sadly said hybrids simply don't have
any scent. The only benefit being that
makes them perfectly acceptable upon
one's table. Years ago "T" and I joined
Carolyne Roehm for an impromptu
winter luncheon at her Connecticut
estate. The table setting was charming
however she profusely apologized for
having to resort to "grocery roses."
Again  seemingly unfashionable said
roses were still undeniably lovely.
Love springs eternal
The fact is you don't have to spend
a fortune to make life a little prettier.
Our Sun Room always sports at least
six orchids. Each costs under twenty
bucks a pop at the grocer. And given
they last months upon months, they're
well worth the investment. While my
tendency is to literally trash them post
blooming - Frank tends what I call his
"orchid cemetery" downstairs in his
Gardening Room.  And whether I care
to admit it or not, most will ultimately
re-bloom to return upstairs again.
Isn't it time to be picky?
Flowers have somehow always played
a seminal role in my life. Frank's first
declaration of love was accompanied
by a chic all white arrangement. From
then on... I was his. Every holiday he
gives me a pot filled to the brim with
white Narcissus bulbs. Upon blooming
their scent makes Christmas Christmas.
Given Valentine's Day is right around
the corner, you've no excuse not to
blossom. However if you're like me,
everyday is a holiday. Hence gather
ye rosebuds while ye may...