Saturday, January 16, 2016


Deja vu
Well, at least one thing is certain. Life
is a cyclical process. We arrive with
great fanfare, blithely bump around
in our youth, finally reach a point of
peace and happiness, and then slowly
fade away. It is what it is and given to
date nobody has found a way to alter
the inevitable, the best we can do is
enjoy it while it lasts. As one moves
through the various stages of existence,
one can't help but think of those who
have come and gone before us. And
wonder if they felt exactly like we do.
More or less?
Most of life is rather mundane. The daily
process of surviving. Thus we eat, clean,
cook, and do whatever it takes to put said
food on the table. Everyone who was here
before us, and probably those after will
do exactly the same. And for most that's
more than enough to keep them busy.
However as each of us loses someone
we knew and loved, the realization that
time is precious looms all the greater.
Which causes me to ask the question -
"what have I done?" And... was that
enough or could I have done more?
Walk this way
I've no grand illusions. More than half
of my life is over and at best there's a
limited window of opportunity left in
the balance.  Few if any of us will be
remembered more than one generation
after we've exited the premises. Yet I'm
not so sure that's a bad thing. Much like
building blocks, every generation must
leverage the gifts left behind by those
before them. As with Hansel and Gretel's
crumbs, each tidbit leads to an answer.
Our job is to discover them before they
disappear and all is in theory... LOST.
Lost or found?
Death is nothing to fear. Rather than get
depressed, said looming final chapter
can be something that inspires. What if
you left this world today? How would
others speak of you? How would they
respond to your missing gap? I'm not
talking about tears. Rather a proactive
response to a loss. For many of us the
departure of a friend or relation opens
up a floodgate of memories - both good
and bad. And sometimes that leads to
resolution or... revolution. Those left
behind remember or forget the lost.
Open and shut case
Its virtually impossible to explain why
people do what they do. Some opt to
never be happy and hence do their best
to force others to share in their misery.
After a lifetime of having them slam
the door in your face, nothing could
be more redemptive than closing that
door forever. The opposite extreme are
those who spend their lives giving unto
others. Their legacy is an open portal
of inspiration that leads the rest of us
to go the extra mile. To do something,
anything to help. What about you?
The gift that keeps on giving
If I've learned anything it's to take life one
day at a time. At least for me that involves
trying to live, share, and love by adhering
to the tenets of the Golden Rule. However
over the last months I've slowly reached a
realization that said approach may not be
enough. If nothing else all of the angst,
pain, joy, and happiness leading up to the
here and now provides one with a wealth
of experience. Hence it's our responsibility
to share what we've learned along the way
with others while we still can. The clock is
ticking...  like it or not time is running out!
Follow me
At most all that is required is candor.
A willingness to let down the barriers
and open one's heart on an as needed
basis. If somebody is suffering through
a challenge you've overcome, a simple
affirmation that you've been there and
done that reassures and inspires. When
another is struggling, holding out a
helping hand may help them get to the
nirvana. Human to human relations are
temporal at best. It's doubtful that any
of the above will leave a lasting legacy.
However, it might make a difference.