Saturday, January 30, 2016


Dark enough for you?
Many of us get rather depressed during
these dark days of winter. Yet hope is
on the way. Already the sun is getting
lighter earlier and later each day. All
meaning that soon spring will be upon
us. Hence my outlook is optimistic here
in Central Montana where the sun shines
bright in our blazing bright blue big sky.
For the last few days it's been warmer
than normal to the point where I've been
tempted to drag out a lawn chair and sit
in the sun. And suddenly life seems to
be going in the right direction.
Parting ways
Sometimes we all need a shot in the arm.
And for many that surge of optimism is
the direct result of an external source. Be
it a friend or the sunny weather. Yet still
some of us find it hard to see the glass
half full versus empty. We simply can't
see the forest for the trees. Thus most of
the muck that mires us down is usually
self induced. Could it be that all that is
required to feel better is a sunny outlook
rather than negative prognosis? Why is
it that we are our own worst enemy? It
seems silly to darken one's perspective.
Hey good looking
While I'm certainly not Rebecca of
Sunnybrook Farm, I am naturally
a positive person. Please don't get
me wrong,  I can bitch with the best.
But if I'm sincerely honest, I'm rarely
unable to not find a silver lining. As
that approach comes naturally, I can't
claim any superiority over those who
prefer to be down trodden. Rather I
can't help but feel blessed that I got
the happy gene. And therefore do my
best to accentuate the positive and
eliminate the negative. AND YOU?
Through the glass darkly
At some point we all have a choice
whether or not to be happy. There's
no doubt that things will never be
perfect. At face value the odds often
seem in favor of disaster. What's at
issue is whether one sits and waits
to be trumped by fate or instead opts
to celebrate every nanosecond of
happiness. We all have good and
bad days. The positive and negative
consist 24/7 in our lives. Yet why do
we allow external forces to decide
when, where, and if we're happy?
Neither nor
In my esteemed opinion, we all have
a choice between stress or serenity.
One can either opt to enjoy the sun
as it filters through the window or
fret over the fact that one's house is
dusty. The choice is yours. Unless
cleaning gives you a thrill, isn't it
better to savor the sunshine? Why
do we allow the irrelevant to cloud
our perspective? Rather than worry,
why not enjoy? Choose contentment
versus resentment. Like it or not you
have nobody to blame but yourself.
Lighten up
Do me a favor - try doing the opposite
of what you normally do. Rather than
opt for the rote, take the scenic route
Instead of going through the motions,
push yourself in some new direction.
After all, you've got little to nothing
to lose so what are you worried about?
Given life is most definitely short, we
all have a limited time span to enjoy.
So... rather than waiting for somebody
else to solve your problems, find the
solution yourself. Take the high road
and discover your happy place!