Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Love fest
Who doesn't love a party? Most
especially when it's a celebration
of LOVE. For those of us lucky
to live in the heart of Montana,
our historic downtown is at it's
core. Often we overlook what
we're blessed to have. Which is
why the Lewistown Downtown
Association is hosting it's first
Paint The Town Red Gala!
Heart to heart
The purpose of this bash is simple.
To celebrate the love we share for
our downtown. Hence the funds
raised will be used to promote said
spot plus future events focused on
making our "heart" stronger than
ever! As of today we're a month
away from the big night. With
just ninety six seats available -
over a third have sold in just one
week. So unless you want to stay
alone at home on February 13th,
buy your tickets at Don's Store now!
Food for thought
There's no excuse for not attending.
First of all the food is going to be
great. The Yogo team is pulling out
all of the stops to make this a night
to remember. When is the last time
you checked a coat in Lewistown?
Or were served a four course feast?
Chef Rob has planned a menu with
plenty of options - from filet steaks
to homemade pasta to fresh fish.
Something on the menu or dance
floor is certain to suit your fancy.
So why not satisfy your appetites?
Room service
Can you remember the last time that
Lewistown took your breath away?
Rene Hartford of Personal Touch
Creations is going to transform the
Sapphire Room into a veritable den
of iniquity. So while it's not advisable
to dine under the Central Montana
stars in February, you're sure to be
dazzled by the decor on the thirteenth!
Imagine partying in a room that's over
the top with the one who tops your
list! The only place that will happen
is at the Paint The Town Red Gala!
Gentleman's agreement
Who would ever let a man's foibles stop
them from having the time of their life?
I realize that some gentlemen find the
"black tie optional, cocktail fabulous
mandatory" dress code a bit daunting.
However I've never met any man who
didn't look fabulous in a tuxedo nor feel
like a million bucks wearing one. And
he can rent one at Don's Store for hardly
nothing. If you can't convince him of
that, a dark suit will suffice. Or a dinner
jacket, tuxedo shirt, pressed jeans, and
cowboy boots will easily do the trick.
Ladies night
What if you don't have a date? Chances
are there will be plenty of singles in the
mingle at the Yogo that night. What
better way to strut your stuff before
potential suitors than at a formal affair?
There's no doubt that you're going to
look fabulous. So why not show off
all of your hard work and preparation
by working the room?! Go ahead and
grab a gaggle of your girlfriends and
fill the best table. Even if you don't
"score" you're certain to enjoy a more
than fabulous night. GO FOR IT!
Bed head
Ever dream of running away? The
Yogo Inn is offering amazing room
packages that will make your heart
flutter. Have you seen the newly
redecorated rooms in the historic
depot? You'll think you're any
place but home. So why deprive
yourself of having a good  time
simply because you have to drive
home? Spend the night and live
it up. The morning after they will
even cook your breakfast and wash
the dishes! Who doesn't love that?!
Love lost?
Life is short. Hence like it or not -
the odds are against us. Someone
much smarter than I once said
"Love is a many splendored thing".
Yet how often do we forget to stop
and smell the roses? Why not take
a trip downtown and see all that
Lewistown has to  offer. And while
you're there - stop by Don's Store
and buy your tickets for the PAINT
Love means never having to say
you're sorry! SEE YOU THERE!

Saturday February 13th, 2016

211 E Main Street, Lewistown, MT
6:30 pm Cash Bar Opens
7 pm Dinner
8 pm Dancing 'til Midnight

Tickets - while they last -
120 2nd Ave S. Lewistown, MT