Saturday, June 1, 2013

Where did everybody go?

Beat the heat!
Living in a concrete canyon
surrounded by water means that
warmer temperatures intensify
the heat, humidity, and odors.
That phenomena causes many
New Yorkers to seek a refuge
from the steamy confines of
Manhattan.  Like rats escaping
a sinking ship, they migrate to
the Hamptons, Fire Island, or
the wilderness called "upstate".
Get out!
I'm not sure that acting like a lemming every Friday afternoon is worth the hassle. Battling up to six hours of traffic to/from your idyllic retreat seems counter productive. Could something so chic actually be rather stupid?
Stay home!
I prefer to stay in Manhattan. Nobody else is out of town except a few tourists from Iowa. With no competition, everything is easier including even getting a primo table at Fred's. So, sit back and sip some Sancerre!
Totally score!
After Memorial Day Manhattan's stores are full of deals. Suddenly Bergdorf's is a bargain bonanza. And with everybody at the beach, you're sure to bag a hidden treasure before the masses return to the city Monday morning. You snooze you loose.
Hit the roof!
Why not catch some rays at the Penninsula Hotel's rooftop spa? For $500 you'll get a 90 minute massage plus access to the pool and sun deck. Spending that on yourself versus a car and gas seems a worthwhile investment.
Catch a flick!
Nothing is better than escaping into a cool, dark theater on a hot and muggy afternoon. Except for watching a classic movie under the stars in Bryant Park with a thousand other film buffs.
Hang out!
I beat the heat by catching a boat from Pier 11 over to Gunnison Beach on Sandy Hook. The metro area's only legal clothing optional beach is just a 40 minute cruise away. Situated on a pristine stretch of sand I get the tan of a lifetime. Plus after seeing everybody else au natural I suddenly feel like a Greek God! Proof that less is more!
Circle, Jerk!
If you prefer to surf the waves fully clothed, taking a ride around Manhattan on a Circle Line boat is well worth the fare. Not only are the views amazing, the cool breezes off the river are sublime! All aboard!
Chill out!
Let's be honest. With Frank back in Montana I'm going to be miserable. If I can't be with him every weekend, I need to relax and enjoy my time off. Rather than compete with the movers and shakers on Montauk, I plan to spend my weekends in Manhattan ON VACATION! I doubt I'll run out of diversions. Between Broadway shows, parks, museums, festivals, house guests, and more - I'm certain to be very busy over the next months. Even more important, staying close to home is EASY. And after a busy week at work who doesn't want to simply ENJOY LIFE?!