Sunday, June 16, 2013

7th Day Surprise - OH DAD

Margaret, Howard, and Ethel - 1991

My father is no longer with us.
He died four years ago. 
However Alzheimers had stolen him long before that.
I miss my father every day
and his love lives on in my heart.
Happy Father's Day Dad!

Charles, Margaret, Brad with Pop Pop - 1994
Norman was my father-in-law for many years.
Throughout the time I was married to his daughter, 
he supported and encouraged me.
In later years he has continued to do so.
Happy Father's Day "Pop Pop"!

Frank Sr with his beloved Pearl, Christmas Day 2012
Yesterday Frank Sr. celebrated his ninety fifth birthday.
Our family gathered at the homestead where he grew up.
Over the years he has given me so much.
His love and support mean the world to me.
Happy Fathers Day Dad!