Monday, June 3, 2013


I'm in a quandary. For many reasons I can't decide whether I love or hate Facebook. The fact is it's become a part of my daily routine. Not only is it an easy way to keep in touch, it's a forum of words and images. And for me, that's the easiest way for me to connect with those I care about. Then suddenly an ad pops up and I start thinking sinister thoughts. Is this tool I've come to rely on really just a vehicle for Big Brother to keep track of us?!

Sometimes Facebook doesn't bring
out the best in us. I can't abide those
who feel they must report every
action they make instantaneously.
Do you think that I really care if
you just baked a cake? Why do I
need the exact time and location
of the bake off? Unless you plan
to invite me over to share it with
you, I'm too busy to be bothered
with such silly things.
That said, quick confessions shared via Facebook can be deeply illuminating and at times moving. It's an immediate and personal way to share what is on our hearts. Is vulnerability the true power of Facebook?

Schmaltz aside, I worry about what happens beyond my circle of "friends". One can't help but wonder when a "gift" suggestion pops up in the middle of your candid, confidential confession. Convenient or creepy?!
Our forefathers had the same concerns when the telephone was introduced. Was somebody listening to our conversations? Watergate aside, the benefit of technology overshadowed any concerns about confidentiality.
One has to admit that Facebook may be beneficial. Many families and friends are split by long distances. Even if one lives near those they care about, we're busier than ever. Therefore being able to catch up via Facebook may be the only way to actively maintain our relationships. While that's not a personal as a chat on the phone or a quick drink, it is a connection. In my opinion, anything that helps keep us connected is a good thing! Log on and say hello!