Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Is it always all about me?

Sometimes I feel a little self absorbed as
I write this blog. The content is usually all
about whatever is on my mind (or heart).
Often it's rather silly and self indulgent.
At times I can even get a little "preachy".
Therefore I must occasionally step back
and ask myself (and you dear readers)
if this public diatribe is a viable form
of entertainment for anybody beyond
myself?! Frankly I actually care about
all of you on the other side of the screen.
I realize that my interests, tastes, and orientation are not for everyone. Yet, at least two hundred of you start your day with coffee and montanaroue. Nothing is more gratifying than receiving "fan" mail that indicates I actually have devotees who connect with and appreciate my cathartic blathering.
Affirmation aside, I must admit that at times I question whether what's on my mind really matters to anybody else. In theory that shouldn't matter as the intent of this blog from day one was to share whatever was on MY MIND. But given we share intimate thoughts everyday, shouldn't whatever is on your minds be equally important?
The original purpose of this dialogue was to make us ALL feel better. Why should you allow me to prattle on if there isn't some benefit beyond my self satisfaction? It's time for you to have some skin in the game!
If there's something you need... please ask. If you want to talk about something... reach out.
If you disagree... challenge me.
If you like what you read... stroke me! This is all about US so please fork it over!