Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A gathering of love...


Thirty years later...
On my last day in Montana, we attended a pot luck picnic in honor of a newly married couple. After thirty years, they finally tied the knot and invited us all to celebrate.
A circle of love
It was a gathering of every realm of rural life. Ranchers, politicians, and even a roue' or two! Over fifty Montanans showing love for two who finally made their love legal.
Dynamic duo
One half sits on almost every board in town. Just the kind of person who everybody naturally trusts. The other runs a large local organization. Pianist, equestrian, collector, storyteller, historian, bon vivant, scholar, just begins to describe the pair.
A couple of...
By now I guess you've figured it out. What makes this story most inspiring is that the couple lauded by locals are two gay men. You see, they've built a life here in rural Montana and have been completely accepted as "equals". Maybe that's how the west will be truly won!
Out of state
Across the country people are figuring out that it doesn't matter who you love, what matters is how you love. Several states have made it legal and soon the Supreme Court may decide that any two are better than one.
Out of touch
Our honored couple had to get married in the "liberal" state of Washington. While it's doubtful that Montana will license gay marriage soon, maybe someday our state legislation will be as accepting as it's residents.