Thursday, June 20, 2013

On the street where we'll live...

Keeping our cool.
It's been hot here in Lewistown. Once the temperature hit around ninety the locals started complaining about the "steamy" 30% humidity!! In 1917 the most innovative form of construction was "fireproof". Therefore the Money Pit was built of concrete and steel beams with structural hollow tile block walls. All covered with a thick layer of stucco. It's amazing how cool that construction keeps the house. To say that our home is solid is an understatement.

Just for girls.
In 1917 GW Cook had two daughters at home. With two suites, a shared bath, sleeping porch, and "trunk room", the second floor was theirs alone. The south suite has a bedroom (above) and dressing room with walk-in closet (shown left). 
Sit and visit awhile.
Plus a lovely connected sitting room (right) with another walk in closet. While the prior owner's paint selection is bright, our guests will love having their own space to relax. On the opposite end is a similar room that is not connected to the northern suite. Designated "trunk room" on the original plans, we'll use that space for storage. So, our massive home, once eight apartments, will soon be restored to it's original three bedroom configuration. Perfect for us!

Two is better than one.
In between the suites sits a large shared bath. Years ago a linen closet was incorporated to create two smaller bathrooms. Prior to us it was rejoined as one. Now half ("before" shown left) will house a new double vanity and gorgeous free standing tub.
My better half.
On the opposite end a hallway door was removed. This enabled us to build a new wall with pocket door (above) to create a room with large walk-in shower, linen closet, and toilet. Rather than one space ("before" left) it can be shared with privacy!

Northern exposure.
On the other side of the shared guest bath is another suite. Small town, this was once Frank's brother's girlfriend's apartment! Quite spacious, there is a large bedroom, walk-in closet, and sitting room (above). We've made no changes to the bedroom. However the sitting room had been a kitchen that connected to another room and bath ("before" shown left). We have sealed that door in order to restore 
it back to the original configuration.

A labor of love.
Slowly the Money Pit is returning to it's former glory. After starting as a grand family home it became eight apartments and was abused for over sixty years.
While it's doubtful that we'll get a fast return on our investment, the pleasure of restoration is beyond what money can buy. These historic photos are not of our house, yet they capture how it might have looked like 1917. We can't wait to welcome you to our new (old) house!!

Today is the last in this series of Money Pit updates.
Next round will be in late July when I return to Lewistown!