Saturday, June 22, 2013

Diary, diatribe, or detox?

"How do you find the time?"
Many of you are interested in how this
blog "happens". It's really not rocket
science. I simply sit down and write
about whatever is on my mind. After
doing this for almost seven months,
I've learned to have multiple entries
ready a few days ahead. Otherwise
the pressure to spew something out
early in the morning is rather intense.
My readers are demanding and if I
miss your time slot, you find me!!
Addiction or compulsion? 
Where does this odd compulsion
to publish come from? Is my ego
so large that I have to record my
every thought for prosperity? Or
do I simply enjoy the process of
processing my life's events via
the written word. After all, I'm
certainly not the first person to
babble on. For generations many
have kept diaries, and in the end
publishing them. But... why me?
A hit in the head.
Years ago I was mugged by two
gentlemen armed with sawed off
shot guns. When they realized that
I didn't have a windfall of cash in
my pockets, one struck my front
lobe with the butt of his weapon.
Before this traumatic event, I prided
myself on my memory. Post injury
I lost over a year of prior memories.
Including the birth of my eldest son
and our move to Chicago. To this day
my greatest fear is that my memory
may be compromised. What if all that
I treasure faded away from memory?
Since then I've developed a passion for
keeping a record and leaving some sort
of legacy. For years I've been carefully
recording key life events via albums filled
with memorabilia, photos, and ephemera.
Consider it my memory insurance policy.
That way, in the future, no matter how
much I may have forgotten, I'll still be
able to enjoy my past. I'm fairly certain
that's also what this blog has become. It's
a chronicle, scrapbook, treasure chest of
thoughts, opinions, perspectives, and most
important memories! Thanks for joining
me as I ride (or write) down memory lane!