Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You either got it or you ain't.

Love connection.
I'm counting the days until I see Frank again. There's nothing better than that moment when we see each other after a long period apart. Immediately the reason why we are together is completely confirmed... "chemistry". I don't know whether it's DNA, kismet, or the fact that our souls knew each other in a former life. We belong together and we've known that since the day we met.

Hey "fox"...
That same "chemistry" also happens with friends. "T" has been staying with me for a few days. We've had much fun catching up and simply being together. We met in 1976.
On that day our connection was instantaneous and immediate. Over the years distance often separated us. Yet our "chemistry" stays strong and therefore our relationship remains as close as ever. No matter how far or long we are apart, the second we connect all time and distance evaporate. We are simply simpatico.
Some enchanted evening?
I can't explain it yet we all know
it's true. You walk into a room full
of strangers and sometimes... not
always... you either fall in love or
intense like with somebody there.
One won't find a rational explanation
for that phenomena. Two strangers
who seem to have nothing in common
suddenly connect as lovers or friends.
And the only reason that happens is
"chemistry". Don't you wish that you
could bottle the damn stuff?! Not
only would you be richer than Midas,
the world would be so much happier!
Can't get enough?
You see, the problem with "chemistry" is that it only happens when it wants to happen. You can't force it and as of yet there is no magic pill that enables you to connect with your long lost, life long soul mate instantaneously. Dating is a perfect example. Wouldn't it be lovely if you could simply meet and fall in love? Sadly that isn't the way "chemistry" works. It's a system of trial and error, totally capricious. And yet... magical.
The perfect formula.
At this point in life I've decided
that letting nature take it's course
is the only way to live. After years
of trying to force something to
happen I've learned that only leads
to disaster. Convincing oneself that
you can create "chemistry" where it
isn't a natural occurrence is simply
silly. When "chemistry" happens,
grab it. When it doesn't, move on
and keep searching. Trust me...
that's the best formula for true
happiness. Take a dose of reality
and call me in the morning!