Thursday, June 13, 2013


Man on the street...
I've been enjoying the scenery as I walk to work everyday. Specifically the constant stream of stylishly dressed men of all ages who pass by. It's apparent that many Manhattanites of the male persuasion love to strut their stuff. Every day I pass handsome habidashered hunks who look quite "natty" (as my Mother would say). This seems to be a uniquely urban phenomena, as elsewhere all the men
I see are attired in sweats and tees.

Browne ease troop
Thom Browne was the first to transform slobs to heart throbs! Almost every urban guy wears their pants cut above the ankle, sock less, with lace ups. Add a short shrunken jacket and you have an oddly sexy uniform.

Mad for men
When not dressed by Thom, the balance of the boys seem to be perfectly turned out in tight, skinny grey suits. It's really quite remarkable how the younger generation has embraced the look of our fathers. If devilishly daring, they opt for sharkskin rather than tropical weight wool. It's a look that is more than reminiscent of Rome in the early sixties. Add a french blue shirt, tie, and pocket square, and all I can say is "molto bello"!

Bearly Groomed
When I first ventured out into the gay world, the only men wearing beards donned leather or flannel. Today's manly mavens sport tightly trimmed beards and classically cut mops. The precision of their look must require frequent barber shop visits. Given such an obvious commitment to grooming, one can only imagine the manscaping hidden beneath their tailored togs.

Eye candy
In closing I must gush for a 
minute. The other evening at 
a charity event, I could not, 
I repeat NOT take my eyes off 
a handsome young gentleman. 
Why? Because he had on the 
most charming pair of heavy 
tortoise shell eyeglasses. Paired 
with his carefully combed coif 
and perfectly cut tuxedo, he was 
certainly a sight for sore eyes!