Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Where are we going?
Many don't have a good sense of direction. Years ago I picked up "T" for dinner. She didn't know where the restaurant was but was certain it was "somewhere in the east 70's". Hey driver, step on it!

They went that away...
Easterners are the worst. Rather than utilize geographic compass points, they prefer landmarks. "Turn right at the yellow house." Which meant that before GPS,
I often wandered the hills and dales of Darien totally lost!
North by northwest.
It's no better in the west. Last winter Frank and I were passing through Kalispell on our way to Idaho. Uncertain about whether to continue onto the next leg of our journey, we asked some locals. One said "thirty miles", while another "about an hour more." So, we decided to keep on traveling. Late that night upon finally reaching our destination, we'd driven over two and a half hours. Wee haw!
Follow directions.
Frankly that was our fault. Because like most men, we refuse to use maps. Somewhere deep in every guy lurks an adventurer ready to explore. Seems silly but genetically we definitely are from Mars!
Recalculating route.
Speaking of GPS, is it me or does it seem that the damn things never really work? I don't know what is more irritating - that English woman's voice or being sent the wrong direction.
Fill 'er up!
In the end, we all get where
we're going. So the best thing
to do is simply enjoy life's ride.
Even if you get lost on the way,
you're sure to see something
new. And that's worth the trip!