Saturday, January 26, 2013

Time to get moving...

Packing up your memories can be hard.
For the past two days we've watched as the contents of our Dallas home were loaded onto a truck bound for Lewistown. While leaving the Big D wasn't hard, closing another chapter in our lives was.

My apologies...  
This was a stealth departure
and therefore we purposefully
did not see anybody. I just
couldn't face a plethora of
hugs, tears, cocktails and
goodbyes. It seemed better
to move on quietly and leave
the past behind.

Ready, set, escape!
This morning we hit the road
for Lewistown. Should be an
easy trip as the forecast says
the weather will be great!
In this case global warming
seems to have it's benefits!

No place like home.
We're both counting the moments until we're home again. Next week our stuff arrives and will sit in storage until the house renovations are complete. Yes, the picture at left is the money pit.  And yes, it is the ugliest house in Lewistown for now...

Thanks for your love and friendship Dallas!  Wish us luck!