Thursday, January 3, 2013


What have we done?!

First we looked.
Then we looked
some more.
And then... we did it.
We bought a house.
And our choice
may just be the
ugliest residence
in Lewistown.
But not for long!

For the next months we will be hard at work transforming our investment. During the renovation,
I'll continue to prattle on about life in Lewistown and other general topics.
However I will NOT be sharing any pictures of our progress.
In the meantime...
you will have to use your imagination, just like us!

Don't worry,
later on there
will be plenty of
before and afters.
Meanwhile as
appropriate, I'll
share an update.
But until it's done,
you will have to
conjure up your
own fantasies
about of our
wild west manse.

How could you do this to us?

Our dreams should
shape our reality.
Sadly that's not what
always happens
in our busy lives.
At the turn of the last
century - thousands
answered the call of
Montana. Like them
I'm not quite sure
what will happen.
You'll just have
to wait and see!

"Dreams pass into the reality of action. 
 From action stems the dream again; 
 and this inter-dependance produces 
 the highest form of living".
                                                            Anais Nin