Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Cabin fever?
While it's been a mild winter so far,
things really slow down in Lewistown once the holidays are over.
If you want to avoid going nuts, you have to entertain yourself.
Books, films, and the internet are my easy escape.
Briefly transporting me to other times, other places, and utter bliss!

Imagine it's 1927.

Both of the rooms shown below were created that year.
One was a movie set in Hollywood, California.
The other was a "living room" in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Behind door number one...

And... behind door number two...

Maestro... drumroll please....

If you guessed number two - you're right! 

In 1927
David Adler, the highly
esteemed classical architect
designed this "modern" home for
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Clow Jr.

Scanning the web -
it is hard to find out
very much about the Clows.

However one can safely
assume that they were fairly
comfortable. And that one
or both of them liked
modern furniture and art.

One can't help but wonder what they looked like.

Living in such a magnificent space would have transformed anybody into Fred and Ginger.

at least for now 
this is how I will visualize 
Mr. and Mrs. Clow.

Gliding across polished floors
(and an occasional zebra hide).
Smoking Camels by the fireside.
Or uttering witty quips
from the seat of one
of those fabulous chairs.
Why not live the dream at home? Now anyone can create their own version of  "Clowesque" glamour. Finally reproductions of the Uno Ahrens chairs are available. But order soon - ten weeks to custom make and deliver.
Porter & Plunk, 1st

Say... do you think they
might work in Montana?