Wednesday, January 30, 2013


James Bason * Over The Frozen River *

Why the chilly reception?
Somewhere along the way it has become chic to "dis" winter.
Could it be that the snowbirds in Naples have poisoned our minds?
It seems very apparent that this chilly season has gotten a bad name.
I wonder why?  Especially given there are so many reasons to love winter!

What could be
a more amazing
weather phenomena?

And what else
can instantly
our world into
a truly
magical place?

think of how dull
life would be if
we didn't have
- Snow Angels
- Sledding
- Snow Balls
- Skiing
- Igloos

During the winter we get to wear a lot more clothes. And if you love fashion, what could be better? Not only does layering add panache, it also hides a multitude of sins.
And let's be honest, when was the last time any of us felt fabulous in a tight tank top and short shorts?

Fireside Chats
Remember evenings spent before of a roaring fire?  Now most flip the switch of their hermetically sealed fired displays. No smell, no ashes, no romance.
Piping Hot! 
Honestly, who doesn't crave a
home cooked meal straight out
of the oven?  Sure we all adore
sushi. And yes, I even like a
slice of cold pizza. But when it's
chilly outside nothing warms
a cold heart like
- Pot Roast
- Chicken Fricassee
- Beef Stew
- Lasagna
- Yorkshire Pudding

Fresh Air
Go ahead, step outside and take a deep breath!
How refreshing is a blast of crisp, clean, cold oxygen?
Of course if you prefer smog alerts and pollen counts...

Just stay in L.A.
and leave winter to us!