Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Come on baby... light my fire.

Original owner, Mrs. Emma Cook by the fire at 314 Eighth Avenue North
We desperately need a mantle
for the living room fireplace
in our new house.

The original Rookwood Pottery
tile mantle (pictured at left)
is unfortunately long gone.
A prior owner greedily removed
this valuable antique and sold it.

All we're left with 
is a gaping black hole.

So we're on the start of a search. I'm considering all options - wood, limestone, marble, faux marble, brick, the list goes on and on.  And all that I can say is thank God for e-bay!  You can't believe the assortment available! I've already found several that are quite remarkable.

of all things incendiary, 
we are finally going to have a GAS RANGE! After years of high rise living, we're thrilled at the prospect of cookin' with gas! Initially we turned the gas a little too high as I wanted an AGA while Frank preferred La Cornue.

However, if we're going to live in Lewistown then we want to spend our money in Lewistown. Therefore we've selected a fabulous 48" KitchenAid Architects Series gas range.
It will be purchased from and serviced by
Weir's our local dealer. Located downtown on Main Street, they have been serving Central Montana for over fifty years!

I'm afraid that I may end up in the woodshed.
LOL! Could not resist inserting this image I found when I googled "woodsheds"!
The most important fire bearing accoutrement Frank wants in the new house is a wood burning stove.  Located down in the basement, it will be a "green" back up heating source rather than a noisy generator.
Friends have suggested a "pellet" stove. However, by their very nature the idea just doesn't feel right.  We're surrounded by mountains covered with trees. And Montana is rich with coal. Why not use what we've got right here, right now?

Pull up a chair, set a spell,  and warm yourself.

As we create our new home, our primary goal is to make it warm and welcoming. A place filled with love where we can enjoy our family and friends. Now if that isn't a dream come true, I don't know what is.

By The Fireside - David Tanner -