Saturday, January 5, 2013

BRAZIL or... plumbing?

For two months Frank and I have
been planning a fabulous trip to
Brazil. Our dear friend is married
to an elegant Brazilian. Together
we were going to take a decadent
jaunt to his native land. Imagine
being on the beach with a suave
guy who can order in Portuguese!
Or shopping Rio with a chic lady
friend who loves nothing more
than fashion?! We scoured the
websites of low key yet fabulous
beach resorts. Weighed the merits
of Sao Paolo versus Rio.
Then a change in plans.

Yesterday we walked the new
house with our contractor and
designer. Highly experienced
professionals, they've done
this many times before. While
we've given them some tight
deadlines, both are confident
we can achieve them. Their
only caveat is that we must
move quickly. And when we
mentioned our Brazilian jaunt...
they were NOT happy.

I don't know why but I seem
to always want it all. In this
age of technology I assume
that I can go anywhere and
do anything. Therefore a text,
e-mail, j-peg, video, or FedEx
package should be more than
an adequate to keep up on our
project while on the beach.
They did NOT agree.

Apparently renovation involves
lots of "surprises". I'm told that
as one opens up walls, all sorts
of issues need addressing. And
given Frank and I have strong
opinions, our partners are a bit
hesitant to make decisions sans
our involvement. What to do?
So, Brazil was cancelled.

For all of the many homes we've
lived in - we've not led nor lived
through a major renovation. As
esthetes, we want to be involved
in every decision. So, while we'll
not be able to fulfill our dreams
of strolling the Copacabana -
We must stay "home"

The biggest lesson I've learned through this is the gift of friendship.
Our fellow travelers could have been highly offended by our late
change in plans. However, they were as gracious as they possibly
could be.  For that they have our love and gratitude. I hope they
will be our first guests in our "finished" home. And I know that
someday we will stroll the Copacabana together.  In the meantime...
I wonder if there's a Portuguese restaurant in Montana?