Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Feeling lucky?


I was born on the thirteenth.
Therefore I embrace those digits, even on the occasionally maligned Friday.
A year like this only happens once every one hundred.
Looking back at 1913, one can only imagine what will happen in 2013!

January 1913
Parcel Post was introduced
by United States Postal Service.
100 years later 
At least $10 Billion in revenue
should be generated during 2013
by the United States Postal Service
through the shipment
of packages and freight.
Guess it's still working.

February 1913
Grand Central Terminal opened.
100 years later 
it's grand architecture
still dazzles the masses.
Thank God Jackie saved it!

March 1913
Woodrow Wilson was
inaugurated our 28th President.
100 years later
Barack Obama will be
inaugurated for a second term
as our 44th President.

April 1913
New York's
Woolworth Building opened.
Standing at 792 feet tall, 57 floors,
it was the world's tallest building.
100 years later
it now ranks 286th.
The worlds tallest building
is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
Standing tall at 2,717 feet, 163 floors.

May 1913
The British House of Commons
rejects a woman's right to vote.
100 years later
there are approximately
72 million US female voters.
68 million US male voters.

June 1913
The South African Parliment
prohibits ALL
Black South Africans
from owning any land.
100 years later
only 25% of S.A. land is owned
by Black South Africans.

July 1913
53,407 civil war veterans celebrated the 50th anniversary of the battle Gettysburg.
100 years later
there are an estimated
800,000 living veterans of
The Vietnam War (1955-1975).

August 1913
Actor Don Defore ("Mr. B" on Hazel)
was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
100 years later
You can watch "Mr. B" on Antenna TV. 
Hazel first aired 1961-1966.
Syndicated reruns ran 1970-2003.

September 1913
The Lincoln Highway opens - 
It is first paved highway running
3,389 miles coast-to-coast.
100 years later
over 2.5 million miles 
of paved highways 
span the United States.

October 1913
Federal income tax
is signed into law.
100 years later
our leaders in Washington
are still fighting over taxes.

November 1913
The first elastic brassiere
is patented by a socialite
named Mary Phelps Jacob.
100 years later
global bra sales are $16 billion.
The average US woman owns
nine bras, wearing six often.

December 1913
The first drive up gas station
opens in Pittsburgh, PA.
100 years later 
there are over 158,000
gas stations across
the United States.
All selling Beef Jerky which
delivers 72% of total
convenience store sales.

Wishing you all 
peace, love, health, happiness, and a very LUCKY 2013!